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Arts Bombast: Beach Towels

It’s officially summer in SF (why hello, 75 degree forecast for tomorrow!) and I just discovered my most coveted summer items. No guys, it’s not cut-off jorts, or a stupidly enormous straw hat.

Works on Whatever, or WOW, is a collection of “artist-designed functional objects,” from Art Production Fund. Objects include plates, water bottles, and my personal favorite, beach towels. I obviously want all of them, but really, how amazing would the Barbara Kruger towel be for sunbathing at Dolores Park on a Saturday?

beach towel barbara kruger
[Barbara Kruger]

beach towel raymond pettibon
[Raymond Pettibon]

beach towel ed ruscha
[Ed Ruscha]

beach towel elizabeth peyton
[Elizabeth Peyton] ^ Sid Vicious, right?

beach towel john baldessari
[John Baldessari]

beach towel Julian Schnabel
[Julian Schnabel]

beach towel yoko ono
[Yoko Ono]

beach towel peter doig
[Peter Doig]

beach towel tracy emin
[Tracey Emin]

beach towel yoshimoto nara
[Yoshimoto Nara]

Buy ’em here for less than $100 a pop.

I’m into this idea of democratizing art, and artifying everyday objects. I know some would argue that it devalues the work when anyone who can scrounge together $95 can (kind of) own an Ed Ruscha. It’s kind of like the “support true designers by purchasing $500 dresses instead of $40 F21 mass-produced knock-offs” argument. But since the towels aren’t knock-offs, it doesn’t really apply. I personally don’t have a problem with semi-mass-produced if the work is legitimately creative and the production is ethical. I applaud these artists who want to make their work more accessible and practical. Check out The Thing Quarterly for similar endeavors.

One comment on “Arts Bombast: Beach Towels

  1. TommyTopHat
    June 7, 2013

    I like the idea of somebody rubbing a work of art all over their body…aesthetically pleasing, yet practical!

    The ones I like best are Elizabeth Peyton’s (though I didn’t realise it was Sid Vicious and thought it was a drawing of a pretty young woman), Tracey Emin’s and John Baldessari’s.

    Is this Pop Art?

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