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Museum Subversiva

Museum Subversiva / Museo Subversivo is an ongoing “digital museum” project that I created. It’s part of the RAAB Empire (yes, that’s a thing), and you can find it on Pinterest.

mapplethorpe 1
[Robert Mapplethorpe / Brian Ridley and Lyle Heeter / 1979]

4 comments on “Museum Subversiva

  1. kevin hubbard
    October 12, 2013

    Never kissed a queer girl, but I think I’d like to try, one that I sit next to, she’s been giving me the eye, that may not surprise you, but I’m a guy. And when Kathleen smiles at me, it’s a major victory, so homophobic fuck, ‘m affraid you’re out of luck, if you want to boost me up, cuz this boy’s completely stuck After school she grabbed me, and we nearly hit the ground, taking me to places, that I’d never been around, then I kissed a queer girl, unaware where I was bound. Kevin sick of my addiction to the magazines, all depicting sex as something great, I resort to talking to the girl next door, hoping for a chance to procreate, but she’s into punk rock like Bikini Kill, girls reclaiming rock from boys again, so seek the service of the working girls, advertising whores of dial a sin, all I ever wanted after sex alone ,always seemed a hole to crawl back in, now I know that women aren’t mere fiddle strings, waiting to be beaued by tone deaf men, Kevin Her voice grasps at straws, as if cobras charmed to laud, how beauty breaks brawn Kevin. Thank you.Jarella knows who she is.

  2. kevin hubbard
    October 12, 2013

    Sorry, my mistake, the line is ‘but I’m straight and I’m a guy” and also “I’m affraid you’re out out of luck”.These were written by myself throughout the last couple of decades. I really enjoy your shows when they aren’t altered. Strangely two of these poems were written when in residence in San Francisco. I wound up in a fucked up place and watched a real punk come to life from a real mess.Robin Campbell. I was the only resident at lunch who would trade my chocolate yogurt for her plain vanilla yogurt. She loudly exclaimed “You’re awesome!” Much to my dismay, we parted ways Wenesday 19,1995. I’ll always remember her as she sat across the room, watching “Jason’s Lyric”.I was saddened to hear about Kaitlyn Hunt, now being held in prison in Florida, for her same sex relationship.It reminded me of a 13 year old girl I met at the Sante Fe Community Free School, under principal Nagel. She was 7 years younger than me and cool enough to take me up on her horse for a ride out to the outskirts of the school to take in the enchanting Sante Fe,New Mexico summer. Nice dog.

  3. kevin hubbard
    October 12, 2013

    The dog I was refering to was the dog being held in the overwhelmed woman’s arms in the canyon.

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      October 13, 2013

      Hi Kevin! Thank you for your comments. Dig the poem. Btw, I got your request for Julie Ruin too late last week, but I instead played a Tribe 8 song, and still mentioned all of the people you wanted the tribute for (plus the general spirit of anti-LGBT bullying.)

      The pic is of me with my rez pup when we used to live in New Mexico, although it was taken in Monument Valley, UT. Thank you again for your support and general radness!

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