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In the Mood For… Internet K-Hole

Thanks to my friend Gypsy Dildo, my most favorite place in the world these days is the Internet K-Hole. If you like the ’80s, beer, skateboards, tits, classic metal and posers (and who doesn’t?) it’s like an escape to paradise. On the other hand, if you are at work, are offended by hairy muffs, or fear that you might find a compromising picture of your parents (or yourself) on the site, you should probably avoid clicking the link.

My favorite thing about the collection is the sort of “Suburbia, unedited” feel of all of it. You’re getting intimate with these people in their bedrooms and backyards, and they had zero sense that 30 years later, the photos might be shared with the rest of the world on something called “Tumblr.” It’s so victoriously anti-Instagram. FTR, my second favorite thing is previously referenced hairy muffs.

All of the photos are totally devoid of any description or credit, but you’ll occasionally recognize a celeb- I’ve discovered rare old photos of Siouxsie, Lydia Lunch, Courtney Love, and even Jared Leto. Some of my favorites, which are all more or less SFW, include:

internet k hole 5

internet k hole 4

internet k hole 1

internet k hole 3

internet k hole 6

internet k hole 9

internet k hole 10

internet k hole 12

internet k hole 14

internet k hole goats

lydia lunch internet k hole

internet k hole 15

internet k hole 17

internet k hole 18

internet k hole 19

internet k hole 21

internet k hole 22

internet k hole 23

internet k hole 24

internet k hole 1988-Summer-The-Ditch-02
[All images courtesy of Internet K-Hole]

This is the only style inspo I need, forever.

Lord, remember when I was into Nat Geo’s FOUND? MY how my standards have low(brow)ered.

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