Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

Mission + Manifesto

Ribbon Around a Bomb’s primary mission is the promotion of art and ideas that are challenging, radical, subversive, and more often that not, historically under-appreciated. Focusing no both fringe movements of the past and contemporary art happenings, RAAB strives to connect forgotten art and music to the present.

We collect images and information into one easily-accessible, decidedly non-academic space. RAAB is based in San Francisco, and RAAB radio broadcasts from the city’s dynamic Mission district, so we support local artists and events as a expression of our commitment to our community.

We hope that the influence of the site and the podcast reaches beyond education about common subjects on RAAB (such as punk music, feminism, and outsider art). Ultimately, RAAB aims to inspire and mobilize our audience to espouse ideas of transgression and revolution that will inform their actions as citizens, consumers, and friends.

[Money Gun zPlate (wall paper fragment of wallpaper from the “Money, Love and Death” room at the Times Square Show)/1980]

Manifesto coming soon! Submissions are welcome. Email: ribbonaroundablog{at}gmail{dot}com.

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