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RAAB Radio #57: Copa Mundial and #58: Sun, Boys, Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

Check it out! Here are two Ribbon Around a Bomb podcasts packed with female-fronted punk rock and booze-fueled discussions of music and… sports.

raab 80s punk chicks[Croc’s, Southend, early 1980s. Club-goers engaging in a sort of “sport.”]

Despite my absence from the internet, I’m not dead. I have been doing lots of things, here is a list of 10 them because I fucking love lists:

1. School. School school school.
3. La Pocha Nostra.
4. Dating some dirtbag.
5. Vacationing and staycationing.
6. Running.
7. Shows, like all shows. Prince, Kraftwerk, Roscoe Mitchell, Avengers, Jex Thoth, The Cure, Frightwig, Juana Molina, ADULT., not to mention really good art shows like Mike Kelley, Designing Home, and Mary Blair.
8. Daydrunk-ing the World Cup.
9. Buying tickets to the Twin Peaks Fest.
10. Discovering/embracing reality TV for the first time in my life.

That sums it up pretty well. And below, your RAAB podcasts for June, both of which are essentially about what I’ve been doing with my life lately.

First up, Episode #57: Copa Mundial, which features DJ Gefährlich and I bringing you a super legit analysis of the first few days of the World Cup.

Here’s what we played:

Ginny Arnell: Dumb Head (USA)
The Bangs- Call on Me (USA)

Ref- Soda Bikarona (Brazil)
As Mercenárias- Panico (Brazil)
Falange- Falange Suburbana (Brazil)
Ratos de Parao- Nao Me Importa (Brazil)
Inocentes with Meire- Ri Dos Hippies (Brazil)
DZK- Juventude (Brazil)

Cocadictos- Juan Pablo II Y Amigos (Spain)
The Nixe- Mentally Disturbed (Netherlands)
Bambix- Little Miss Sunshine (Netherlands)
Atims- Women (Netherlands)
No-Song Kutkotz- Telegram (Netherlands)
Bizkids- Captivity (Netherlands)

Usch- LTO (Sweden)
SIB- No One Rules (Italy)
The Slits- Vindictive (England)
Rivolta Dell’Odio- Altari Del Terrore (Italy)
Petticoats- Normal (England)
Franti- Vento Rosso (Italy)
Crass- Darling (England)
Klasse Kriminale- Construito in Italia (Italy)
Essential Logic- Aerosol Burns (England)
Jo Squillo Eletrix- Skizzo Skizzo (Italy)
Vice Squad- Coward (England)

Sheena and the Rokkets- Omae Ga Oshi (Japan)
Gomess- [Japanese Title] (Japan)
Boys Boys- Monkey Monkey (Japan)
Kokeshi Doll- Koyubi (Japan)
Beardsley- Summer Holiday
Mr. Kite- Exit B9 (Japan)

Secta Suicida Siglo 20- Virginidad Sacudida (Mexico)
Exeroica- Del Apocalipsis (Argentina)
XL Capris- My City of Sydney (Australia)
Ici Paris- Le Centre du Monde (France)
Mood of Defiance- American Love Song (USA)

rui mendes as mercenarias[As Mercenárias, early 1980s. Photo by Rui Mendes.]

Next up is #58: Sun, Boys, Rock ‘n’ Roll Music, my show all about summer / beach / sunshine / vacation, perfectly appropriate for the first day of summer, and a night when I got to staycation-it-up at the Palace Hotel. They have a pretty fucking majestic indoor pool there, guys.

Here’s my playlist:

Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head
45 Grave- School’s Out
Carole King- It Might as Well Rain Until September
The B-Girls- Fun at the Beach
Fastbacks- In the Summer
Beardsley- Summer Holiday
Beth Anderson- Ocean Motion Mildew Mind
Martha and the Muffins- Echo Beac

The Take- Summer
Marine Girls- A Place in the Sun
Los Microwaves- Time to Get Up
Agender- Mani Pedi
Vice Squad- Summer Fashion
Brabrabra- Tropical Sensation
Bambix- Little Miss Sunshine
Red Cross- Standing In Front of Poseur

Lydia Lunch- Cisco Sunset
Dreamers- Gimme Sun, Boys, Rock ‘n’ Roll Music
Dreamers- In the Summer Night
Nikki and the Corvettes- Summertime Fun
Brilliant Colors- Short Sleeves at Night
Eleanor Friedberger- Stare at the Sun
Girls at Our Best!- Warm Girls

The Brat- High School
Vegetable- Sol
Robin Ward- Wonderful Summer
pragVEC- By the Sea
Tokow Boys- Swinging Pool
The Delinquents- Alien Beach Party
Look Blue Go Purple- As Does the Sun
Phantom Pregnancies- Heat Gun Summer

Chris and Cosey- Hazey Daze
James White and the Blacks- Tropical Heat Wave
Bound and Gagged- Black Sand
Les Calamites- Behind Your Sunglasses
The Murmaids- Popsicles and Icicles
Ivy and the Teachers- The Beach


los microwaves band

3 comments on “RAAB Radio #57: Copa Mundial and #58: Sun, Boys, Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

  1. Ferrara Brain Pan
    June 24, 2014

    Lucky Dirtbag.

  2. MissHawkline
    June 28, 2014

    Chris & Cosey, The Cure, Kraftwerk, The Slits and ADULT. are all great.

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