Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core


Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio is a non-commercial, underground radio program that broadcasts live from San Francisco’s Mission district every Saturday from 10pm until midnight (Pacific time.) You can stream or download the podcasts or just read through playlists whenever you want by going HERE. Listen live at Radio Valencia’s website, or if you’re in SF, tune to 87.9-FM.

Brutality and destruction in a pretty fucking package. Tune in for femme agression and abrasion featuring female-fronted punk, hardcore, and post-punk from the 1970s to today.

4 comments on “Radio

  1. Kevin Hubbard
    August 14, 2013

    In solidarity with everyone who supports Pussy Riot and their collective movement,I wish to show how deeply I feel about the plight of Maria,Nadezhda,Yakaterina,and all supportive people equally enraged.As I am aware,this Saturday 17,2013 is a day of Solidarity for them,and we sympathizers of their monumental struggle.To show my wholehearted belief in their cause,I would humbly request to hear “Capri Pants”by Bikini Kill,or “I Want to Know What Love Is”by Julie Ruin.Either of these songs would be appreciated for encapsulating the explosive emotions evoked when the urgency of the outrage is stirred in me.I truely appreciate every broadcast and podcast of Ribbon Around A Bomb.Please keep it alive. Kevin

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      August 16, 2013

      This is an awesome idea. I will totally play one of the songs and mention PR. (I’ve talked about them on the show a lot in the past, and went to a pretty cool solidarity event for them at City Lights last year…) Thank you for your support! xo

  2. Kevin Hubbard
    August 14, 2013

    I am interested in any advice or information on how I might be able to obtain a copy of Pussy RIot;A Punk Prayer.Is it going to be made available on dvd anytime soon?Unfortunately I missed the initial showing,and I don’t have access to cinema presentations as of yet.Ribbon Around A Bomb please keep up the good work! Kevin

  3. Kevin Hubbard
    October 5, 2013

    At short notice I’d like to request “Stop Stop” by the Julie Ruin to be played tonight, 10/5/2013, on your show Ribbon Around A Bomb, if you please in dedication to JOEL MORALES-REBECCA ANN SEDWICK-JADIN BELL-BART PALOSZ-KATLIN LOUX-CIARA PUGSLEY-ERIN GALLAGHER-ANTHONY STUBBS-JOSHA UNSWORTH-DANIEL PERRY-HANNAH SMITH, teens bullied into commiting suicide by callous teens. Also in response to anti LGBT sentiment recently manifested in the sports world in Mississipi, I would like to lend support against that sentiment by extending the suggested line; hashtag #gaysforolemiss. viva the right to express sexual preferences and hail to the movie that wretchened me into reality, “The Astounding She Monster”, one the greatest science fiction movies of all time. If ya got a copy of “Gearhead Girl” by Cockpit, give her a spin for me.

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