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Arts Bombast: In Dreams at Spoke Art

My hatred of Twin Peaks is pretty well documented at this point.  So deep and obsessive is my disdain for the cult TV show, in fact, that I can’t tear myself away from anything even remotely related to it.

So, naturally, when I heard that Spoke Art was putting on a David Lynch-themed exhibition right here in the city, I had no choice but to get gussied up in ALL of my TP gear, drink approximately 4 Manhattans, and drag my impossibly understanding parents to opening night.


Erin Twin Peaks freak [Check me out- TP-themed jacket mostly made by DJ Ashtray ft. some patches by RetirementFund, TP necklace gifted by Krissie, Black Lodge clutch found in my high school stuff, Coop earrings by The Kitschy Cupcake, and finally, Black Lodge dress by Rusty Cuts, obvs.]

Twin peaks necklace instagram [Closer detail of my necklace / HOW DO I EVEN HAVE FRIENDS?]

Oook, enough about my outfit.  Regarding the actual artwork, a lot of the works were just a bit too cartoon-y / fanfiction-y for my taste, but of course, there were some real gems at the show too. Here were my favorite pieces:

lynch chuck sperry In Dreams, David Lynch [In Dreams, David Lynch, by Chuck Sperry.]

Lynch Matthew_Skiff_ Back to Missoula [Back to Missoula, by Matthew Skiff. Def my favorite work from the show.]

Lynch Epyon5_Oh Diane I Almost Forgot [Oh Diane, I Almost Forgot, by Epyon5.]

Lynch Ruel_Pascual_Twin Peaks [Twin Peaks, by Ruel Pascual.]

lynch Jason_D_Aquino_ The Packard Saw Mill [The Packard Saw Mill, by Jason D’Aquino.]

Lynch Max_Dalton_ action figure collection [Twin Peaks Action Figure Collection, by Max Dalton.]

Lynch show Audrey Kate_Copeland_1024x1024 [Audrey, by Kate Copeland.]

During the show, a lot of people told me how they liked my outfit, so that was good, because I felt less embarrassed about how hard I went for the event. In the back room of the gallery, there was a woman selling owl cave rings. I tried to ask her how much they cost, and she interrupted me to enthusiastically shove the ring towards me and say, “Please! Please! I would never charge you! You look so amazing, you need to just take the ring!” So, new/free Peaks ring:

Owl Cave ring

In Dreams will be on exhibit at Spoke Art through March 29th. Get yo ass there.

4 comments on “Arts Bombast: In Dreams at Spoke Art

  1. Ferrara Brain Pan
    March 12, 2014

    Lucky you, I just paid $74 for my owl glyph ring on eBay. I want to see yours to see how it compares with mine and with the original design…


    • ribbonaroundabomb
      March 12, 2014

      Oh yeah mine is def not as beautiful as yours!

      It’s a plastic-y thing that I’m sure many people have paid $14 for.

  2. jhubner73
    March 13, 2014

    This is great. I particularly love the “In Dreams, David Lynch” by Chuck Sperry and the “Twin Peaks Action Figures” Collection by Max Dalton. The Dalton piece reminds me of Wes Anderson’s brother Eric Chase Anderson’s work. Love the detail.

  3. SiouxsieSuitcase
    March 13, 2014

    The one by Ruel Pascal is really cool.
    Nice outfit.

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