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Arts Bombast: The Thing Quarterly

Subscribers of San Francisco’s “object-based publication” The Thing Quarterly receive a new issue of the “periodical” at their doorstep 4 times a year. The periodical, as it happens, is actually not a periodical at all- it’s a thing.

[My favorite thing, Issue #16, is a shower curtain by Dave Eggers. It features a monologue by the curtain to Mr. Eggers including lines like, “I don’t like your singing.”]

Each object produced for TTQ subscribers is specially designed and hand-crafted by a visual artist, filmmaker, musician, or writer. The “issues” also all incorporate text in one form or or another. It’s like a magazine or a shoe-of-the-month club, but for contemporary art-lovers. And people who have $240/year to spend on this kind of thing.

[A thing by Jonathan Lethem.]

[A thing by James Franco, part of THING projects.]

[A thing by Miranda July.]

[A thing by Starlee Kine.]

[A thing by Shannon Ebner.]

It just so happens to be The Thing Quarterly‘s 5th birthday this week. Check out how they’re celebrating, and if you’re in SF, consider attending their shindig at SoEx tomorrow night. I’m pretty sure they’re unveiling the next “thing” by Mike Mills.

PS- I think you might enjoy mail art by the frontman of Devo.

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