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Lit Bombast: Dynamite Hemorrhage

What’s that, you haven’t snagged a copy of Dynamite Hemorrhage Issue #1 yet? Pull your head out of your ass, ya poseur, and order the (basically full-on maga)zine here.

It contains interviews with Ribbon Around a Bomb favorites Sex Tide, Bona Dish, and Sally Skull, not to mention book reviews, some great fuckin’ record reviews, and more treats of the garage/punk variety.

dynamite hemorrhage hi res

Besides the fascinating insider stories, my favorite part of DH#1 is that it is like a super-dense mind map to a million other cool things. I discovered, for example, Beyond the Implode via the Bona Dish interview. And countless other bands, record labels, zines, etc. that weren’t necessarily intentionally featured, but hidden in old photos and gig posters, ads, and off-topic sentences.

Plus, you get that feeling that you’re discovering music the underground/OG way, when in reality- thank God- you are still just a click away from listening to whatever you’re reading about. I do this with many old zines actually- sit there nerding out with YouTube constantly on the sideline for when I want to listen to something. The alternative, of course, is to tune in to the brilliant Dynamite Hemorrhage podcast, and look up bands’ histories on the internet as you listen. …Or am I the only one who does shit like this?

Anyway, DH#1: it’s beautiful and informative and totally worth the $7 you would have spent on half a douchebag-cocktail at Trick Dog. Buy it.

And if you’re not convinced, a quick reminder that THIS is the fucking world we live in- and I imagine it’s the shape that your brain would melt into without folks like Jay shoveling weird, wonderful art-punk in their first.


One comment on “Lit Bombast: Dynamite Hemorrhage

  1. SiouxsieSuitcase
    January 19, 2014

    It looks edible.

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