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Noisegasm: Sex Tide’s Video for “Laudanum”

Sick, sad readers: I am thrilled and honored to share with you the first official music video from my favorite act currently tearing shit up in the Midwest: Sex Tide.

Their new video for the track “Laudanum” was shot in the basement of the apartment where band members reside in Columbus, Ohio, and it captures all the dirt, fuzz and psychedelia of their sound.

Don’t Aurelie’s vocals simply KILL it on this track? She’s like the first woman on Earth, stomping across the land, whirring songs of hate and boredom for the gods.

“Laudanum” is the second cut off of Sex Tide’s album Flash Fuck, released on A Wicked Company Records. It’s raw flesh, it’s right on. You can download the whole brilliant album here, and face it, it’s well worth the $8 you would have spent on ONE drink at Zeitgeist. “It was easy, it was cheap, go and do it!”

Finally, I’ll be posting the 49th episode of Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio this week, which features another track from Sex Tide, and you’ll all be like, “Wow, that fits so seamlessly with all the obscuro 1970s DIY shit you play.” Indeed it fucking does. Stay tuned.

2 comments on “Noisegasm: Sex Tide’s Video for “Laudanum”

  1. A Wicked Company
    December 10, 2013

    From all of us here at AWC, much thanks to you for the support of Columbus, Ohio’s SEX TIDE! And yea, your podcast and website are *stuzzadelic*, so we’ll be shouting your name from the rooftops even more than we already do.

  2. SiouxsieSuitcase
    December 13, 2013

    This is brilliant. Aurelie is cool, as are basements.
    (Are you holding a gun, or is it just something gun-shaped?)

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