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RAAB Radio #48: “Quite Honestly, Most Women Bore Me”

There’s a new edition of Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio ready for streaming or download over at Radio Valencia. Click here for 2 thrilling hours of female-fronted punk rock! We also discuss why DJ Ashtray is the perfect candidate to date Henry Rollins, who is bored by drinkers and turned off by fatties.

suburban lawns su tissue [Su Tissue of Suburban Lawns]

Here’s what we played:

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
The Stripes- Weekend Love
Ideal- Berlin
Berlin- The Metro
Deutscher Abschaum- The German Superman
Au Pairs- Armagh
[German Shoe Commercial circa ’60s- anyone have additional info?]
[Clip from Henry Rollins interview with VPRO Dutch television, March 1995. Rollins on his (dis)taste in women.]
‘Allo Darlin’- Henry Rollins Don’t Dance
No Thanks- Fuck Everything
Mo-Dettes- White Mice
Sheena and the Rokkets- Omae Ga Hoshii
Trashwomen- Perversion
Life in the Fridge Exists- Have You Checked the Children Lately?
Pink Turds in Space- Blood Money
Las Ultrasonicas- El Rock Nacio Conmigo
Suburban Lawns- Gidget Goes to Hell
L Seven- Clear Vision
The Maggots- 2/2/79
Teddy and the Frat Girls- Clubnite
Sin 34- Join the Race
Andreas Dorau & Die Marinas- Fred Vom Jupiter
Devil’s Dykes- Fruitless
Dolly Mixture- Been Teen
Sort Sol ft. Lydia Lunch- Boy-Girl
Donkeys- Wacky Acky I Aye
Joyce McKinney Experience- Armchair Critic
Holly and the Italians- Tell That Girl to Shut Up
Melt Banana- Pierced Eye
Modesty- Kad Srce Radi Bi Bam
Homomilitia- Police Story
Morbid Opera- Polyester Pig
Honey Bane- Violence Grows
Mystery Girls- Ego
Rivolta Dell ‘Odio- Altari Del Terrore
Barb Wire and the Fences- Can’t Take It
Youth in Asia- CBS
DIRT- Land of the Rising Sun
Legal Weapon- Live My Way
The Gits- Drinking Song

And, here is the Rollins clip that we love so much:

We’ll be back this Saturday (and every Saturday, for the rest of time) from 10pm-midnight on Radio Valencia! Check out the rest of the podcasts here.

dolly mixture1 [Dolly Mixture]

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