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RAAB Radio #50: The German Super(wo)man

SchnaddadengI’m on a German kick!  For your enjoyment, I present to you: a new installment of Ribbon Around a Bomb radio, featuring 2 hours of frauen-fronted German-language punk and post-punk.

Look at that, I finally figured out how to embed the podcast.  (Thanks, Ferrara!)  Of course, if you prefer to skip around- hey, I certainly wouldn’t want to listen to all 2 hours straight- you can still download the damn thing over at Radio Valencia.

raab gudrun and bettina [Gudrun Gut and Bettina Köster of Malaria! and Mania D.]

Things to expect: Good songs, drunkenness, Hitler jokes, awkward interruptions. Suffering through the Schnapps-fueled talking parts with DJ Frau Gefahrlich and I is so-so-worth-it for the fantastic music you’ll hear.

Crack open an Oettinger, tune in, and take a look at this über-cool playlist:

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and A Ribbon
Respect My First- Radikal Tanzbar
Namenlos- Nazis
Martina + Part Time Punx- Mehr Von Dir
Blitzkrieg- Szene
Nena- 99 Luftballons
Stef Petticoat- Schoner Fremder Mann
The Stripes- Weekend Love
Die Mimmi’s- Mac Donald
Dago Wops- Big Mac
Abwarts- Bel Ami
Kaltwetterfront- Revolverheld
Frau Siebenrock Combo- Die Stolzen Frauenherzen
Kleenex- Split
FFF- Arbeit Macht Dumm
Materialschlacht- Kinderfreundlich
Ideal- Berlin
A5- Reeperbahn
Strapaze- Tage
Die Haut ft. Lydia Lunch- Der Karaibische Western
Kleenex Aktiv- Hilfe
ST-37- Unknown Soldier
Atztussis- Bullen
Deutscher Abschaum- The German Superman
Wartburgs Fur Walter- More More Anymore
Tollwut- Seuchen
Gluearms- 365
Xmal Deutschland- Qual
Bluttat- Flying Into Heaven’s Door
Debil- Maso
Pervers- Asozial
Malaria!- Your Turn To Run
A-Gen-53- Unsere Korper
Schund- Aufstand
Combat Not Conform- Keep Your Head
Der RiB- Images
Jingo de Lunch- What You See
Blutsturz- Schweigen (Demo)
TNT- Razzia
Rolfs Liederkalender- Die Jahresuhr

hoff at berlin wall [The Hoff in a gediegen light-up jacket at the Berlin Wall, 1989.]

Last word: Here’s another incredible German band that I didn’t have time to play that evening.  Bärchen Und Die Milchbubis, with “Superfrau” from 1980’s Jung Kaputt Spart Altersheime 7″:

5 comments on “RAAB Radio #50: The German Super(wo)man

  1. SiouxsieSuitcase
    January 13, 2014

    I love Xmal Deutschland. 🙂

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      January 13, 2014

      Yes! I thought of you during this show because you seem to love a bunch of this weird German stuff!

      • SiouxsieSuitcase
        January 14, 2014

        Weird + German is always good, ja.

  2. B lank
    January 13, 2014

    Cool playlist.. Just what i like… _ Do you use Instagram for this project? If so, tell me so i can follow.. -thanks…. Marc

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      January 13, 2014

      Hi Marc, thank you, and yes, I do! I usually promote the show with a pic of Lydia Lunch or (in the case of last week) Brix Smith. 🙂 @erineyesore

      Expect excessive Twin Peaks pics too though if you follow me!

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