Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

RAAB Radio #51, 52, 53, 54

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about anything frivolous (that is, fashion or Twin Peaks-related) until I posted my goddamn radio podcasts. Here they are! All four of January’s superb 2-hour shows, posted for your listening pleasure, over on my Radio Valencia podcast page. The last two are embedded below, along with the full play lists.

Thank you to our unofficial sponsor, Jameson.

raab vintage jameson logo

Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 53: Launderette:

raab vivien goldman [Vivien Goldman, 1981.]

Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days
Frigidettes- Turmoil
Glorious Strangers- Why Don’t You Join the Army?
Martha and the Muffins- Echo Beach
The Nixe- I Love the Cops
Legal Weapon- Pow Pow
Pink Kross- Scumbag
The Delinquents- Do You Have a Job for a Girl Like Me?
Thee Headcoatees- Ca Plane Pour Moi
Mr. Kite- Exit B9
Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head
Oh-Ok- Lilting
Kandeggina Gang- Sono Cattiva
Girls At Our Best- Pleasure
Cold Cold Hearts- Any Resemblance…
Flirt- Don’t Push Me
Siege- Don’t Punish Me
Gash- Aquarius
Frightwig- A Man’s Got to Do What a Man’s Got to Do
Vivien Goldman- Launderette
Suburban Wives Club- Casual Cat at the Laundromat
The Launderettes- Rebel Love
Love It Or Leave It- Poor Boy
Hissyfit- Scrunchie
Mo-Dettes- Paint It Black
Mother’s Ruin- Dreamy Teeny
Swoons- My Grandpa is Joey Ramone
Burning Kitchen- Fucked Up
Non Band- Duncan Dancin’
Delta 5- Try
Conflict- Bad Idea
Stripsearch- Galileo
Reversible Cords- Teen Orgy
A-Gen-53- Lila
FDS- Beskyddargladje
Lucrate Milk- She Told Me About Leeds Permanent Building
Au Pairs- It’s Obvious
Medical Tourists- Impatient Patient
The Waitresses- I Know What Boys Like

Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 54: Drive My Car

Do you like our new Intro song by Ginny Arnell? It encapsulates how I feel about my myself, how I feel about all women, really. On this show, I played songs about transportation, canciones en Español, and I spent the last 5 minutes drunkenly bitching about the Bon Vivants and Trick Dog before I realized the show was over.

raab nasty facts drive my car Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head
Sin 34- American America
Not Moving- Behind Your Pale Face
Petticoats- Normal
The Eyeliners- Won’t Be Long
Tappi Tikarrass- Skrid
Nasty Facts- Drive My Car
Androids of Mu- Fast Car
The Fastbacks- What to Expect, Dirk’s Car Jam
The Avengers- Car Crash
The Bags- Car Hell
Harry Crews- Car
Partners in Crime- I Wanna Drive You
Reversible Cords- Company Car
Skinned Teen- Cub Car
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her- Drive a Car
Hansje- Automobile
Burning Kitchen- Missed the Train
Rubella Ballet- Deathtrain
Girls At Our Best- This Train
The Cramps- Drug Train
Delta 5- Train Song
The Photos- Skateboard
Minor Disturbance- Skate For Pretty
The Rezillos- Flying Saucer Attack
AlieNation- Palestine
Neo Boys- Under Control
Zellots- Blades
Las Ultrasonicas- Adicto del Rock
VulpeSS- Me Gusta Ser una Zorra
Cocadictos- Juan Pablo II y Amigos
Anti/Dogmatikss- Estado de Caos
Blessed Noise- Puta Sociedad
Juanita y los Feos- Angelines
Secta Suicida Siglo 20- Virginidad Sucudida
Adaptors- In the Slot
Livin’ Sacrafice- San
Mood of Defiance- American Love Song
Honey Bane- Girl on the Run
Fifth Column- A Sadistic Practice
Wunderbach- Les Vieux Riches
Teddy and the Frat Girls- I Owe it to the Girls

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