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Noisegasm: Mars

COOL STORY: Byron Coley’s Feeding Tube Records is releasing unheard (to most of us) material from one of my all-time favorite bands- Mars. The LP is called “Live at Irving Plaza.” It’s a recording (by Brian Eno, nbd) of the No Wave outfit’s penultimate show from August of 1978. Coley and Thurston Moore are printing 500 of these suckers, and for $23, you get the vinyl, the download, and a 20-page informational booklet called “Mars as We Know It.” (I MUST HAZ IT.)

I might personally consider Mars the most adventurous No Wave band of the era. Not quite as experimental as the brainiac-weirdos (i.e. Arto Lindsay and Ikue Mori) behind DNA, but never kitschy or theatrical like James Chance or Lydia Lunch. Basically, Mars was noisy, avant-garde, and PUNK AS FUCK (although I get the feeling this sound was about 100x more shocking in ’78 than it is today.) In either case, go ahead, treat yrself to another one:

Then buy the damn LP.

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