Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

RAB Radio #18: Uh Oh

New podcast! Edition 19 of Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio is posted. By now you know what to expect: delightfully obscure female-fronted punk ditties, brought to you by myself and cohost DJ Ashtray from SF’s favorite renegade radio crew, Radio Valencia. We have a new studio on Mission St. that I’ll hopefully be posting some photos of soon. Also, “hella” check out RAB’s backlog of podcasts.

Here is the new RAB “theme song” (basically a ridiculously inappropriate intro song that I discovered via Ghost World.) The rest of the playlist is below:

Infect- Sociedad Masculina
Plasmatics- Sometimes I
Fastbacks- I Guess
The Brat- The Wolf
Team Dresch- Song for Anne Bannon
Vktms- Too Bad
Frightwig- My Crotch Does Not Say “Go”
Go-Gos-Party Pose
The Comes- Public Circle
Castration Squad- Bat Thing
Burning Kitchen- Goodlooking
PS Eliot- Broken Record
Suburban Lawns- Janitor
White Lung- Magazines
Neonates- Place in Space
Mydolls- Christmas Day
S.I.B.- Listless
Animals and Men- Just One Kiss
Bizkids- Something Going On
The No-Talents- My Baby’s a Midget
Shop Assisstants- Safety Net
Borriegas- Mijito Rico Sexy Borracho
Fifth Column- Don’t
Eastenders- Pink Turds in Space
Mistakes- Radiation
Rap- Accident
Avengers- Uh Oh
Vivien Goldman- Launderette
Penadas Por La Ley- Carlos
Fault 151- Radiation Man
Petticoats- Paranoia
The Puke- Happy Family
Red Aunts- Wreked
Ratos de Porao- Nao Me Importa
Revo- Fuck the School
Sin 34- Join the Race
Sporten Er Dod- En Pistol Och Glas
The Vaselines- You Think You’re a Man
Kitchen and the Plastics- Blatta
Nikki and the Corvettes- I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

PS- Frightwig and VKTMS def KILLED it last week.

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