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In the Mood For… No Wave

Welcome to No Wave Week on RAB. All week I’ll be publishing content on No Wave music, film, art, and fashion.

{Photos by Julia Gorton. From top to bottom: Alan Vega, DNA, Glenn Branca}

So what the hell is No Wave? I tend to think of it as a (sub)cultural implosive moment in late-70s NYC. It’s a dissonant, subversive, nihilistic (anti-)movement of debasers. It’s radical, primitive, noisy cultural perversion. It’s a decaying 4th floor flat on the Lower East Side. It’s the abrasive sounds of drilling and scraping. It’s brazenly inaccessible anti-punk, anti-blues, and anti-rock. It’s burning rubber and disembowelment. It’s an aged prostitute with one arm. It’s sick, severe and fucking fantastic.

Little orphans running through the bloody snow
Little orphans running through the bloody snow
Little orphans running through the blood, through the blood, through the–
No more ankles and no more clothes
Little orphans running through the snow
Little orphans through the blood, in the blood, in the–

I don’t know. Other people just call it, “avante-garde punk” which I guess works too. Some good places to start if you haven’t checked out No Wave before- Click on the image below for a link to purchase:

Stick around for the rest of NO Week.

2 comments on “In the Mood For… No Wave

  1. Brian Lovato
    February 25, 2012

    My brother got me the Thurston Moore book for Christmas this past year. Haven’t finished it yet, but so far I’m loving it.

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      February 27, 2012

      It’s a fantastic book! It sits on our coffee table, but sadly, I have to report that NO ONE has ever opened it up, even to check out the photos. T.V. isn’t THAT interesting, people.

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