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RAAB Radio #45: The Cold Touch of Leather

After getting a digital kick in the ass from Jay over at Dynamite Hemorrhage, I’m trying to be more on my game about posting my podcasts. Here is one from the week of the wild/wonderful Folsom Street Fair, followed by a few of my photos from the event. Stream or download the podcast here, and check out the playlist below.

bodysnatchers raab [The Bodysnatchers]

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
X-Ray Spex- Oh Bondage Up Yours!
Vice Squad- Latex Love
VS.- Leather Complex
Lesbians on Ectasy- The Cold Touch of Leather
Edith Nylon- Sado Maso
The Bags- Bag Bondage
Grace Jones- Warm Leatherette
The No-Talents- Bondage Boy

Janelle Monae- We Were Rock ‘n’ Roll
Pink Military- Wild West
The Gits- Another Shot of Whiskey
The Dishrags- Carry On
Chicks on Speed- Yes I Do
Action Pact- Suicide Bag
Las Ultrasonicas- Vente en Mi Boca
Anti-Scrunti Faction- Brain Transplant
The Selecter- On My Radio
The Bodysnatchers- The Boiler
Dolly Mixture- Been Teen
As Mercenarias- Santa Igreja
Mo-Dettes- White Mice
Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Wawa
Hagar the Womb- Dressed to Kill
The Brat- High School
Dagowops- Stortrupp
The Comes- Public Cicle
8-Eyed Spy- Lazy in Love
Die Salinos- Der Gewaltige Hulk
Au Pairs- Armagh
DIRT- No Reason
Infect- Um Buraco De Realidade
Mary Monday And The Bitches- Popgun
Penadas Por La Ley- Es Un Crimen
Vacum- Ar Ungdomar Manniskor
Mogel- Spab
Ivy and the Teachers- Just Wanna Dance
Kleenex- Madness
La Souris Deglinguee- Marie France
The Fastbacks- In America

And, some of my snaps from the Folsom Street Fair:

folsom street 3 [Floggin’.]

folsom street 4 [Let it fly.]

folsom street 5 [LADY LOVE]

folsom street 2 [Ouch.]

folsom street 1

4 comments on “RAAB Radio #45: The Cold Touch of Leather

  1. Kevin Hubbard
    October 19, 2013

    Great Bettie Page shot! A woman at school put me in a pair of handcuffs and watched me climb a wire fense once. She and her girlfriend were great artists. The college since the has hosted fetish theme dances not unlike the “dressed to get laid” pariies they had when I was a freshman that year. 1. Patience and Prudence-a young girl’s domme come true…she loves me, she loves me knots. 2. X-Ray Spex- sex appeal in bright eyes a braces(R.I.P). 3. Vice Squad-she shed a mouthfuls for the Last Rockers. 4. VS-a mime’s view through a perfumed keyhole of posh North Beach apartment highrise. 5. Lesbians on Ectasy-a damaged mind is a terrible thing to waste. 6. Edith Nylon-a Funkadelic song once suggested putting a foot on the rock in a sexual context. 7.the Bags-Jean Yes and the Nobodies’ biggest influence.(self promotion). 8. Grace Jones- great remake for a model floored.9. The No Talents-Hands up baby?Lolita left me short of depth. 10. Janelle-the commercial bobbed a few heads,bt mine rolled to this wavish ditty. 11. Pink Military- lowrider culture with goth chic to the max.Pink Mafia? 12. the Gits-something to kill the pair of knife deep viper wombs. 13. the Dishrags-Marian Anderson and the Insaints did it best with “Stupid Boy”. 14. Chicks on Speed-anger management glasses.hit me with your best shot. 15. Action Pact- for a carton of Virginia Slims,I’d one. 16. Las Ultrasonicas-lashed in translation, but the message is crystal queer. 17. Anti Scrunti Faction-Lydia Lunch’s professed hobby was brain surgery. 18. the Selecter- sex machines will rule the whirr. 19. the Bodysnatchers-a science fiction classic that ushered in the Stepford Wife think tank.20. Dolly Mixture-Lolita at the fountain of . cooze. 21. As Mercenarias-lust in translation.could a saint be wrung. 22. Mo-Dottes-the teacher’s pet since the 8th grade.wo ist Sie?Ich white nicht.23. Lizzy Mercier Decloux-if only she had smoked with a whip more often. 24. Hagar the Womb-Lucy Lui wore it well in Charlies’ Angels and Payback. 25. The Brat-my first taste of chicana. 26. Dagowops- Holly and the Italians were a gutsy new wave band,but I miss the Italian riot grrrl band Bambine Captiva(?). 27. the Comes-stellar band name.Thick Pigeon and the Sic Fucks are hard acts to follow.28.the Comes could wipe out Bikini Kill’s “let’s wipe our cum on my parent’s bed…29.8-Eyed Spy-the black widow of no wave wove her motor oil shanty and I’m stuck. 30. Die Salinos-my deutsch is bad,but the incredible Hulk was pussywhipped by a princess named Jarella. 31. Au Pairs-the cover of playing with a different sex is awesome. 32. Dirt-crust oriented punk hooked me with Hiroshima,but Noh Theatre spikes punch and Judy. 33. Infect-spanish punk relates the urgency of their struggle,but I wish I knew the traslations. 34. Mary Monday and the Bitches-I lost my heart to a Mary Ellen in the Presidio,but Denise the principal wore an officer’s military cap for me one day. 35. Penadas Por La Ley-does it mean “it’s a crime?”. 36. Vacum-don’t know.I feel cinnamon quicksand when reaching for the jam. 37. Mogel-translated quickly in the manner of Token brand crackers as an anagram for token,Mogel is an anagram for Golem,the legendary hebrew monster who stands in the shadow of Elsa Lancaster’s Bride of Frankenstein and the Astounding She Creature as my ultimate science fiction bitch. 38. Ivy and the Teachers-I’ve never had the pleasure of a candy stripe nurse,but I like the photo of the leather girls at the street fair,especially the girl with the black tape in the shape a medicinal red cross. 39.Sue Schmidt of Chi Pig once quipped while tuning her guitar on stage to the audience head level to her feet,”but can you pick them?”. 40. Kleenex-Heidi’s Head left the corporations a snotty calling card. La Souris Deglinques-Pepe Le Phew of Warner Brother’s cartoons knew his passion with cats as well as the Marquis De Sade drew his blood in the institutions. The Fastback-Fastbacks always uplift me.Seattle is touted as the bondage capital of the world,but I always thought Mondo Bondage was from the hearts of Fee WAybill and Re Styles. When Halloween comes around this 31 of October,I will make it a point as I usual do to treat myself,to watch the cult classic dvd “Ghost World”. I may also just put my photo copy picture of Lydia Lunch in her skull necklace on my front door to scare away trick or treaters,if it doesn’t get snatched off the same way my photo of Kathleen Hanna was last year. Ha!

  2. Kevin Hubbard
    October 19, 2013

    excuse my mistakes. BRIGHT EYES AND BRACES…A POSH NORTH BEACH…I’D WEAR..CHICA PUNK…MYSELF AND WATCH…KATHLEEN DID! If you care to respond to any comments made, feel free. They were jokes about the smbd themed subject matter nof most of the songs I managed to get through on my unreliable connection to the broadcast. I appreciate the female fronted aspect of RIbbon Around A Bomb, and most of my peers would have me satisfied with Afro Punk., but being a black male with a somewhat liberal upbringing, I cherish the privilege of tuning into a punk station and not hearing surprise disco in its place. G.G Allin was hated in the nation. Wendy O Williams was kicked around like a soccer ball by the police. Nancy Spungen was love with a loser who shared the same health plan as she did. I live in a country that shut the government down to make civil rights a joke. Last night I sat in front of a movie, competing with the sound of sirens and rapid fire gunshots. 4o years ago I was an 8th grader in a predominately black jr’high school who wore a brown shirt brandishing a studded swastika I had affixed to it, only to be jokingly told to go home and change by my german teacher. Since my first steps out of my parents home I have been bullied by thugs. i have been a punk from day 1. Wow…you can’t find “Shoot the Groupie?

  3. kevin hubbard
    October 19, 2013

    Again I miscalculated. If you think anything but the jokes and corrections were worth commenting, feel free to hurl. Frida K. was as beautiful as her painter’s mystique. The young woman who posed as her in the Ribbon Around The Bomb blog did an excellent job, as well as the job evidenced in the Bettie Page in handcuffs at the Folsom Street Fair’ I have a nice t-shirt of Bettie that I wear and of course the merchants and the homeless openly admire and compliment it.Peace in the Middle East. Peace and hair grease. Braids and Kool aid.

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      October 21, 2013

      Ha, I wasn’t offended by any of the comments/jokes! It’s kind of an awesome exercise: listen to a random collection of songs, and record your sort of stream-of-conciousness responses to each one.

      I wasn’t even going for Bettie Page in the last photo, but thanks!

      Oh, and FUCK YEAH Ghost World. Such a classic. “I hate all these extroverted, obnoxious, pseudo-bohemian losers.”

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