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Arts Bombast: Louise Nevelson

“The greatest thing we have is the awareness of the mind. There we can build mansions. There we have all the things that are not given to us on earth.”
-Louise Nevelson

louise nevelson cecil beaton [Photo by Cecil Beaton.]

Louise Nevelson created massive, magnificent, wooden assemblages that I’ve been kind of obsessed with lately. (Me? Obsessed? What’s new?) She appropriated found objects in her sculptures to express a distinctly feminine narrative.

I love how “masculine” (in the traditional sense of the word) they feel though. It really is a genderfuck. To hell with soft, flow-y, colorful art. It’s interesting- art critics often mistook her for a man when looking only at her work, then dismissed her when they discovered she was a woman. Which makes it even more impressive that she came to be such a profound force in a male-dominated New York art scene of the ’60s. Enjoy the images, I’m particularly fond of the black pieces:

ln 4

ln 1

ln 7

ln 9

ln 2

ln 5

ln 3

ln 6

Furthermore, (I almost said “more importantly,” but don’t worry guys), it will be my goal to dress just like Louise Nevelson when I turn, say, 70. I would start now but I’m not badass enough yet, it’s something reserved for women of a certain age. Check out her immaculate style:

louise nevelson ugo mulas 1965 [Photo by Ugo Mulas.]

louise nevelson Teri Wehn 1979 [Photo by Teri Wehn.]

louise nevelson

louise nevelson 1

louise nevelson 2

nevelson namuth [Photo by Hans Namuth.]

louise nevelson hair

louise nevelson basil langton 77 [Photo by Basil Langton.]

One comment on “Arts Bombast: Louise Nevelson

  1. SiouxsieSuitcase
    October 3, 2013

    Aye, she’s cool.

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