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Style Ish: Folsom Street Fair Edition

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally gearing up for the Folsom Street Fair at the moment.

Some of my fantasy purchases (you know, if I had all the MONIE$) include:

folsom jil sander pvc dress[Jil Sander]

folsom tba lace up oxford[To Be Announced lace-up oxford.]

folsom spaceship bra [Spaceship City Bra by Chromat.]

folsom leather heart crop [They’ve got one of these “accessories” at Good Vibes.]

folsom maniamania[La Belle Russe Earrings by Maniamania.]

folsom valentino [Valentino patent skirt.]

alice and olivia folsom [Alice + Olivia]

zana bayne folsom [Zana Bayne]

jason wu folsom [Jason Wu]

folsom bliss lau [Belt by Bliss Lau]

folsom backseam fishnets [Back seam fishnets, obvs.]

Well folks, that wraps up Sunday’s edition of “If I had a millionaire dollars and no one to judge my purchasing choices…”

Somewhat related: I just finished watching Mutantes: Punk, Porn, Feminism.  Hopefully a review coming this week.

3 comments on “Style Ish: Folsom Street Fair Edition

  1. Kevin Hubbard
    September 16, 2013

    From my vantage point, I always wondered why women were so underrepresented in the San Francisco BDSM culture. When the debut album by the Tubes was first released in the early ’70s, I was immediately woven into the saccarine aura of my first official fetish model. Re Styles, the model of the band so graphically depicted inside of her wet innertube, became the subject of my first t-shirt experiment. I transfered the image of her and the band logo onto my crisp. thrift store purchased t-shirt successfully, and wore it around the campus grounds of my high school proudly. I would imagine that the Folsom Street Fair will hold much promise for aspiring role models for fetishistic fulfillment.If it continues to flourish, perhaps it might involve outsiders such as myself. San Francisco seems eternally on the portal to zanadu. The Zanabayne harness stuck out as vague in its chromatic contrast, yet not texturally complexity.I taste the La Bell Russe earrings as if they were some intangible holiday mood. Black straps and buckles bring forth the menace of spike heels for me, as evidenced in the Alice+Olivivia shoes. Ultimately the assesories crop is sweetly remniscent of one that I heard a young woman swish behind me, walking down Market Street one afternoon. I deeply admire the spirit of the late Helmut Newman to this very day, and perhaps soon the image of Emily the Strange will rival that of Hello Kitty in scope for more of us. Slick up the black leggings and ride Greased Lightning into the stratosphere!

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      September 16, 2013

      Yeah, you’re right about women being under-represented in the culture!

      I think with the Folsom Street Fair at least, it comes from a tradition of gay men interested in leather culture, so it def has the feeling of “this is not a space for women.” Then again though, there are tons of trans people, drag queens, and other gender-bending types, so I guess that makes it feel more inclusive than just “a bunch of dudes interested in other dudes.”

      Oh, and there is totally an Emily the Strange art show in SF this week, which I will likely hit up, haha.

  2. SiouxsieSuitcase
    September 17, 2013

    That “Spaceship City Bra” photo is amazing. I love it so, so much.
    Also, Jason Wu has very nice style.

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