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RAAB Radio #43: Animal Instincts

Hallelujah party animals, there is a “wild” (sorry) new edition of Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio available for streaming or download over at Radio Valencia. My cheesy theme for the night was “animals”- cats, snakes, dogs, horses, birds, fish and more. It was inspired by this post from WAY back when. Enjoy.

punk cat

Potential Threat- Animal Abuse
Curse- Killer Bees
Anorexia- Pets
45 Grave- Surf Bat
Morbid Opera- Polyester Pig
The Brat- The Wolf
pragVEC- Wolf
Plasmatics- Monkey Suit
Boys Boys- Monkey Monkey
The Bags- Animal Call
VulpeSS- Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra
Animals and Men- Don’t Misbehave in the New Age
Cub- My Chinchilla
Epic Fits- Snakepit
Tokow Boys- Cobra Cobra
Bush Tetras- Snakes Crawl
Patti Smith- Horses
The Vaselines- The Day I Was a Horse
FUAL- Freedom Under Animal Liberation
Journey- Don’t Stop Believing
Model Citizens- Animal Instincts
Melt Banana- Iguana
XL Capris- Shark Horror
The Dishrags- Beware of the Dog
Malaria!- How Do You Like My New Dog?
Sis Q Lint- Dog Sweaters
Tribe 8- Junkyard Dog
Erase Errata- Other Animals are #1
Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls- Animal Crazy
Alley Cats- Too Much Junk
Cat Fight- Not in Love
The Sugarcubes- Cat
Bangs- Vintage Piranha
Rape Revenge- Thirsty Crow
Current Obsession- Fish
DIRT- Seal Cull
Anti-Scrunti Faction- One Crashed Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Real Insects- Ruins of Your Body
Lung Leg- Anatomy of a Dolly Bird
Look Blue Go Purple- Year of the Tiger
Mizutama Shobodan- Frog on a Chopping Block
Lydia Lunch- Pigeon Town

Ribbon Around a Bomb plays female-fronted punk, post-punk, DIY music every Saturday night from 10pm-midnight live at Radio Valencia. Tune in this week!

plasmatics monkey suit[Plasmatics]

lydia with cat[Lydia Lunch]

patt smith bird[Patti Smith]

4 comments on “RAAB Radio #43: Animal Instincts

  1. SiouxsieSuitcase
    September 17, 2013

    The Sugarcubes? Is that the band Bjork was in?
    Yay, Pigeon Town! 😀

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      September 18, 2013

      Yep, Sugarcubes are totally an early Bjork project!

      • SiouxsieSuitcase
        September 19, 2013

        Cool. 😀 I love Bjork-ish music, but I haven’t listened to the Sugarcubes yet.

  2. Kevin Hubbard
    September 29, 2013

    The shot of Betti Page with her two jungle cats is killer. One of my favorite cats is Bucky from the Darby Conley strip “Get Fuzzy”. Julie Newmar, the oringinal Catwoman in the tv show Batman hotwired me into puberty. To this very day one of my closest friends is my mom’s cat Big Cat. I love the theme shows, and “My Cat Scratch” by the Red Aunts stellar punk.

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