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Arts Bombast: Rita Wasted

Wednesday, or as we in the corporate world like to refer to it, “Hump Day,” calls for some super-negative, “anti-everything” unspiration from Berlin-based Wasted Rita. I’m particularly fond of the words, but she also does illustrations, which are sometimes web-comic-esque, and sometimes Pettibon-esque, and always hilarious.

wasted rita 5

wasted rita pity

wasted rita 6

wasted rita whiskey

wasted rita vodka

wasted rita top women

wasted rita constant

wasted rita do they owe

wasted rita its not you

wasted rita 3

wasted rita too mainstream

wasted rita 4

wasted rita 2

wasted rita 1

In fact, most of her work involves drawings of cocks and comments about blowjobs. (I left the cocks out because I have so many minors who read the blog… JK it’s because my mom reads, but if you’re not my mom, check out more of Wasted Rita’s work here.)

2 comments on “Arts Bombast: Rita Wasted

  1. SiouxsieSuitcase
    September 28, 2013

    Any art from Berlin has to be good. 😀
    Hmm, she kind of reminds me of Kathy Acker.
    Aw, your mother reads this blog. xD (Is RibbonAroundABomb corrupting our youth? After being exposed to one of its articles, I did notice that my nephew was developing a certain fondness for the word “Oi”, and putting safety pins on his jackets.)

  2. Kevin Hubbard
    September 28, 2013

    Personally, I’m more visually oriented in observing art, but Rita Wasted startles me with her stark dimensional snips. I recollect growing up tantalized by the nymphomanical creature of the Playboy femlin logo, but as time progressed, singular images moved me to greater extents. Much of the imagery in Ramond Pettibon’s work evoke those of my favorite surrealist painter Salvidor Dali. From my perspective, disjointed states of conscienceness to nightmarish degrees. Patricia Hearst for me is the ultimate revolutionary icon. She oozes eroticism. Raymond Pettiibon’s inclusion of her personage in his works her unspecified menace. Wanda Von Kreesus presented an inspiring diversion from the standard Penthouse Magazine models. Her exploits in the comic series ” Oh Wicked Wanda ” were prime in developing my fantasy of what kind of world I hope I live to see. I thought she and Candy Floss had quite a relationship. Disturbing beyond comprehension are the illustrations of Edward Gorey. In viewing the world of Rita Wasted, he came to mind as an artist equally adept at stating morosity as she. During Graphic Arts class one afternoon, there occured an innocent flirtation between myself and a fellow student named Caroline. She smirked at me, while deligently crafting a Marlboro cigarette box illustration. That struck up a silent relationship that unfortunately ended with her campus car crash death. I loved her from a distance, and amassed creative writings that I dreamed would amuse her. Sadly, that collaboration was cut short. Rita Wasted extends an engaging view of how women must feel toward life. I don’t know, but I appreciate explorative self examination inspired by others. I look forward to seeing Emily the Strange being immortalized in a feature length motion picture! The Alabama sunset cast a glorious hue on the Bettie Page poster that graces my wall…Last week’s Ribbon Around A Bomb broadcast blitzed and leveled as usual! Vielicht wieder? Bring back Aeon Flux! God sae the fiend-Klaus Herus.

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