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Style Ish: Moda Operandi’s Punk Shop

Guilty: I kind of love things like this- things that give me an excuse to be an openly-critical asshole. Moda Operandi, in conjunction with the Met’s Punk: From Chaos to Couture exhibition, has created an online shop with a collection of “punk” clothes, jewelry, and objects. That’s right, kids. You TOO can be punk, and it will only cost you your life’s wages. Some of the pieces, price tags, and of course, my scornful comments below. Let the snarkfest begin!

moda operandi binns olympia shoes
[These utterly ridiculous safety pin pumps. $1,495.]

mo watch
[Fuck the 9-5 life! I mean, I have enough money to buy this watch, so obviously I would NEVER subject myself to working a- what are those things called?- oh yes, a job. Amiright guys? $11,900.]

moda operandi anarchy sweater
[This laughable anarchy sweater. $625.]

mo temp tattoos
[Probably my favorite of them all: these completely idiotic fake tattoos. There are so many issues, the main one being: What’s with appropriating the Mo-dettes? Also, that ugly mohawked clip-art skull thing is the best. $95.]

moda operandi birkin bag
[This totally hideous Birkin bag. $29,000.]

moda operandi binns safety pin necklace
[This hilariously literal safety-pin-on-a-gold-chain necklace. $245]

moda operandi fuck tee
[And an equally obvious branded t-shirt that says “Fuck.” $250.]

moda operandi westwood dress
[This actually-pretty-cute, sad-to-say-I’d-rock-if-I-was-a-millionaire Vivienne Westwood dress. $3,785.]

moda operandi leather tee
[This ugly-ass leather, studded t-shirt. $3,750.]

mo diamond earrings
[Hands-down the most ridiculous item: a pair of gold, diamond earrings that will set you back a few hundred grand. $285,000.]

More spikes, Union Jacks, plaid, anarchy symbols, safety pins, and leather if you can handle it. Meanwhile over at J. Crew… have I mentioned I’ve lost all faith in humanity? NBD.

One comment on “Style Ish: Moda Operandi’s Punk Shop

  1. TommyTopHat
    May 17, 2013

    Oh, dear Lord.

    While looking at these items, I truly did almost feel like crying.

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