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In the Mood For… Feminist Punk Patches

If you’re gonna have an amazing punk jacket, you’re obvs gonna need amazing punk patches. While buying them at Hot Topic may be a viable option for 12-year-olds and sell-outs, you’re better than that, I know you are.

May I suggest, as an alternative, hitting up Rah! Rah! Replica?

Hand-made by “a teenager in Suburban Massachusetts,” RRR offers patches of the badass variety, featuring topics like feminism, Ghost World, punk rock, and OH YEAH, custom beauts special made for Ribbon Around a Bomb.

Check it:

rrr 2

rrr 1

rrr cat

rrr equality

rrr fem 2

rrr fem

rrr ghost

rrr riot

And if you really want one of dem Ribbon Around a Bomb patches, I will totally mail you one. Just send me an email at ribbonaroundablog{at}gmail{dot}com with a subject line of one yr favorite punk songs, and your address in the email. Sorry folks, no international shipping.

One comment on “In the Mood For… Feminist Punk Patches

  1. TommyTopHat
    March 5, 2013

    Aw, no international shipping. 😦
    Groovy patches, though. 😀 You have some talented fans.
    What is this Hot Topic you speak of? o.O I sense a great evil whenever it is mentioned.
    I love the name Ribbon Around a Bomb, by the way. Always makes me think of that Sisters of Mercy song.

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