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San Francisco: Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio TAKEOVER This Saturday

Due to prior (birthday/drinking) obligations, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it to my radio show on time this week, so I decided to offer up the slot to a few friends with wildly disparate musical preferences.

Lo and behold, several amazing DJs agreed, I got the best of both all worlds to cover my show:

rab takeover

What happens when 3 DJ’s from Radio Valencia who play different genres cover for an all female late night punk show?

You get a sweet musical taste of all female fronted groups from a cavalcade of artists. There are no “official rules” to the show that Jack Champion (Bakersfield Backbeat), Juan Rapido (Dante’s Hot Tub), and D$ (Cheap Hooch) when they cover for Ribbon around a Bomb on Saturday Night. Come join us for a crazy exploration of female fronted groups of all genres.

Tune in on Saturday or if ya want, stop by and join those crazy cats. I’ll probably be heading over sometime after 11pm. QMJ, Cheap Hooch, and Juan Rapido will bring the tunes, and I’m sure you can expect to hear women killing it in country, soul, electro, garage, blues, whatev.

rab takeover tharpe

rab takeover poison ivy

rab takeover brenda lee

rab takeover 2

rab takeover mimi

rab takeover ikettes

rab takeover linda

Tune in tomorrow at 10pm on Radio Valencia, or find out more here.

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