Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

RAB Radio #34: Eat the Rich

rab girl punks

Stream or download the latest edition of Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio! #34: Eat the Rich, features amazing music and some random recommendations for cool places and events in San Francisco.

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
Morbid Opera- Eat the Rich
Beex- He Obliterates Me
Nu Sensae- Gumbo
Oh-OK- Courage Courage
Bad Cop Bad Cop- Yeah Yeah Yeah
Chalk Circle- Easy Escapes
Unknown Gender- Little Dictator
Stepping Talk- Health and Safety
Destroy All Monsters- Alien Love Call
Young Marble Giants- Include Me Out
Chin Chin- The World’s Burning
Sara Goes Pop- Fleeced
Bizkids- Shoot
Drustvo Prisjecavalaca Boljih Dana- Sexualna Ovisnost
Les Calamites- Malhabile
The Click- Fraction
Honey Bane- Girl on the Run
Horriegias- Amor Vertedero
Lung Leg- Punk Pop Travesty
Dreamers- In the Summer Night
Asbest- Stinking
Jane Aire & the Belvederes- Yankee Wheels
The Eyeliners- Won’t Be Long
Punts- Shelley’s Boyfriend
Mary Monday- I Gave My Punk Jacket
Anouschka Et Les Prives- Controle
Red # 9- Dependency
Animal Dance- Fake
Kleenx- Nighttoad
The B-Girls- Long Distance Love
Trash Kit- 50 ft. Woman
8-Eyed Spy- Diddy Wah Diddy
Avengers- White Nigger
Girlschool- (I’m Your) Victim
Belgrado- Zapomnijmy
X- Delta 88
Vice Squad- Resurrection

rab stage

In vaguely related news, if you live in SF, are awesome, and need a haircut, I want to STRONGLY recommend that you go see Miss Deena, owner of Glama-Rama Salon and art gallery in the Mission. Not only did the woman deliver a KILLER BOB to my previously foot-long hair, but she’s also an all-around beautiful mofo, founder of the Valencia Corridor Merchants Association, legendary Faux Queen, and fellow DJ at Radio Valencia. She chatted with me about everything from outsider art to hair products to the days when she used to date Jello Biafra. And this cut? YES:


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