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In the Mood For… Five Favs for 2013

Browsing the internet, guys. It’s the hot new thing for 2013. If you’ve ever wondered “Where does La Lengua go when SHE feels like browsing that world wide web?” you’re in luck. My fantastic recommendations for the new year are:

1. San Francisco Area Punk Visual History:

This is my favorite thing ever. SFAPVP is my go-to nearly every morning to make myself feel even shittier about the fact that I am dead and work a soulless corporate job. There are a lot of sites with pictures of bands and reviews of albums, but I love this blog because it has a brilliantly narrow focus. Punk fliers, for the most part. Oh and it’s all Bay Area, all the time. What could be better than that?

blog sf visual hist

2. Dynamite Hemorrhage:

Music, zines, garage, girls, obscuro, punk, and general subcultural effluvia to offset the inevitable consumption of toxic mainstream bullshit. My favorite new feature is the podcasts. This Bay Area dude knows his shit and plays some downright (or straight up) fabulous DIY/indie/punk tunes. He also spouts off about film and other curious topics over at the Hedonist Jive.

blog dynamite jad fair

3. Bruise Violet:

Recently-discovered Bruise Violet is hella visual inspiration. This is the only blog out of the 5 listed here where I really get a fashion fix, and visit just to browse all the damn pretty. But pretty in a cool, angsty, ’90s/’70s way. For those of you who do the Pinterest thing, it’s like, “Oh hi, don’t mind me while I pin EVERY FUCKING IMAGE on yr blog.” If this chick didn’t live in the UK, I’d probably ask her to be my bff and we’d have mixtape sleepover parties.

blog bruise violet

4. Boystown:

Why do all of the best things come out of the Bay Area? Here is yet another SF-based blog, with endless aesthetic stimulation focusing on queer and femme music along with other obscure artistic oddities. Then there are the mixes. Oh, the glorious mixes. The TV Dinner mixes are simply UNREAL. I want these bizarre DIY ditties to be the soundtrack for my dreams.

blog boystown

5. Girls in the Garage

Every couple months, Bess posts a new interview she’s done with (how did you guess?) a badass woman from the garage/punk/psychadelic music scene. There are some serious gems over here, like conversations with members of the Luv’d Ones, Pandoras, Goldie and the Gingerbreads, and (!) Cheap Perfume. Read up.

blog gitg pandoras

There. You. Have. It.

One comment on “In the Mood For… Five Favs for 2013

  1. Jay
    December 31, 2012

    Totally appreciate the kind words. If I were making a similar list, no doubt Ribbon Around a Bomb would’ve made the cut. And I dig your word “effluvia” even more than my own (former) favorite “ephemera”.

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