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Noisegasm: Sweat Lodge

On Wednesday night I went to this show:


Sweat Lodge is a super legit (fairly recently formed) noisy-nineties-nerdrock act from our very own San Francisco. Obviously, they’re not actually from the ’90s. But they’ve got that vibe, you know? And I mean it in the best way possible. One of my dearest friends in this city (Rocky, with whom I have a rezzy connection) plays guitar and sings for Sweat Lodge. The three piece not only regularly puts on excellent fucking shows in the Mission, but I hear they’re also pressing a 7″ right now. And might be heading to NYC for a show or two. I don’t have a Facebook, and Rocky doesn’t have a cell phone, but I always seem to know what’s going on with these guys. People write their name on Mission St. walls and post fliers for their shows in the places that I go. So it weirdly works out.

Here is Sweat Lodge performing “the Punk Song” live during a November show at El Rio: (Early-Pixies-esque gloriousness.)

sweatlodge 2

sweatlodge 3

sweatlodge 4

sweatlodge drummer

sweatlodge rocky




And here’s their video for Payday:

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