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RAB Radio #27: Partytime

On Saturday, DJ Ashtray and I threw a little shindig (which turned into a rather large shindig) during our radio show at Radio Valencia:

rv party

Fair warning: You might want to skip the podcast for this one. Fortunately, most of the really ridiculous shit happened NOT on air. But this is still bad. Very bad. DIY, pirate radio at its DIYest and piratiest. Beware the minute of dead air.

Here are a few select snaps from the evening:

rv party 1

rv party 3

rv party 6

rv party 8

rv party 7

disco sux

And our playlist: (a little bit best-of-y)

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon (RAB Intro)
Anti-Scrunti Faction- Daddy’s Little Girl
The Brat- High School
Putrid Girls- 1234
Las Ultrasonicas- No Quiero un Novio
Tyranna- Back Off Baby
VKTMS- Hard Case
Frightwig- Only You
The Avengers- I Believe in Me
Mo-Dettes- White Mice
The 5678s- Bond Girl
The Gits- Another Shot of Whiskey
45 Grave- Partytime
Mary and the Boy- Bobby Peru
Hagar the Womb- Dressed to Kill
Honey Bane- Boring Conversations
Cristina- La Poupee Qui Fait Non
Big in Japan- SCUM
As Mercenarias- Policia
Trashwomen- Justine
Delta 5- Mind Your Own Business
Life in the Fridge Exists- Have You Checked the Children?
Mydolls-Christmas Day
The Bastards- Impossibilities
[DJ Ashtray- Dead Air]
Family Fodder- Debbie Harry
Brain Death- Personal Affair
Vice Squad- Last Rockers
The Nixe- Boring City
Tabea and Frider Butzman- Still Nacht Goes Disco
Pink Military- Wild West
Reversible Cords- Rabble Rouser
Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Fire
ESG- Dance
Ludus- Breaking the Rules
Sort Sol (with Lydia Lunch + La Lengua)- Boy-Girl
Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days
Cristina- Jungle Love


If you (for some bizarre reason) enjoyed that podcast, and you have 12 minutes to waste, you most certainly must check this out.

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