Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

RAB Radio #26: Sexism’s Sick

Oh hi. Can I interest you in a new edition of Ribbon Around a Bomb, the radio show? Hosted by myself and also known as, “the finest radio show in ALL THE LANDS.”

harry crews
[Harry Crews]

The music speaks for itself, and I… should probably stop speaking for myself. At least when I’m under the influence of Wild Turkey.

Dig these jams:

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
DIRT- Maneater
Genocide Exit- Dream Song
Sacrilege- Dig Your Own Grave
Electric Deads- 30 Years
Sin 34- Not
Bound and Gagged- Clutter
The Stripes- Weekend Love
Pink Plastic and Panties- Late Night Lovers
Neo Boys- Under Control
Lost Kids- Alle Taller
Harry Crews- Man Hates a Man (and live between-song histrionics)
Rubella Ballet- Death Train
Lost Cherees- Sexism’s Sick Part I
Lost Cherees- Sexism’s Sick Part II
[Assertiveness Practice]
Belgrado- Visions of Massacre
Anti-Dogmatkiss- Estado de Caos
Frightwig- Vagabondage
Banjax- Lust
Dago Wops- Big Mac
The Go-Gos- Robert Hillburn
Les Calamites- Teach Me How to Shimmy
The Tragics- Mommi I’m a Misfit
Verdun- Securite Anti Liberte
The Urge- Baby Talk
Decadent- Opposition Proposition
Dolly Mixture- Dream Come True
Las Ultrasonicas- El Rock Nacio Conmigo
Hagar the Womb- Truth
XL Capris- My City of Sydney
Naked Aggression- Revolution on the Way
VKTMS- Too Bad
The Maggots- Let’s Get Let’s Get Tammy Wynette
Your Funeral- I Wanna Be You
Eatliz- Spliff
Whoom Elements- Men in the Politics
Plasmatics- Test Tube Babies
White Trash Debutantes- Boys and Booze
Mary Monday- I Gave My Punk Jacket to Ricky
Dawn Patrol- What You Going to Do With Me
The Reactors- WW4
The Bags- Disco’s Dead

rab dirt
[Singer from DIRT / Death Is Reality Today]

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