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San Francisco: More Reasons to Avoid Outside Lands

But I was already planning on avoiding Outsi–” ANYWAY. Don’t fret. I’ve totally figured out your weekend for you. You’re welcome / Here are my main reasons to avoid Outside Lands:

1. Face it, it’s gonna be douche-y. I’m pretty sure I heard two bros walking down Valencia St. all like, “Yo, dude, there’s going to be some hella deck bands at Outside Lands this year!”

2. Artists that ARE playing Outside Lands include: Skrillex, (LuLu-era) Metallica, Norah Jones, and (Santa Barbara’s white college-kid-reggae sensations) Rebelution. Do you hate yourself yet?

3. Artists that are NOT playing Outside Lands, but ARE playing shows in the Bay Area this weekend, and are way better than OSL material: 45 Grave, Shonen Knife, Lovely Bad Things, Dear Landlord, Future Virgins, (local!) Apogee Sound Club, Rape Revenge, Girls with Guns, and (suck it / I don’t give a shit) Dead Can Dance.

4. Artists that ARE playing Outside Lands, but you might actually want to go see them, and HEY, you can, while still avoiding OSL: MSTRKRFT, Two Gallants. They’re both playing smaller shows in town.

5. Crowds suck.

6. Expensive tickets suck.

7. Other things to do this weekend that will be better than attending OSL: watch the Olympics, ride the East Bay Bike Party, make a deal with the devil, check out this Metal-themed art exhibit, hit up the 1-year birthday party of American Tripps (SF’s Berlin-style ping-pong fun-factory), host a Twin Peaks marathon, go to Thee Parkside’s free Punk and Rock N Roll Happy Hour Saturday, stare at a wall, go see Toby Keith in Mtn View.

There you have it. Check out the bands in #3’s individual touring schedules, or reference that cool list thing.

3 comments on “San Francisco: More Reasons to Avoid Outside Lands

  1. TommyTopHat
    April 19, 2013

    *Shudders* I really cannot stand Skrillex. I tried listening to him once (only out of curiousity), but just gave up. Aphex Twin beats him any day!

    Ooh, I like the look of 45 Grave! 😀 And Dead Can Dance have much groovitude.

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      April 22, 2013

      Haha, this Skrillex comment made my day.

      • TommyTopHat
        April 22, 2013


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