Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

RAB Radio #15 and #16

Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio is far-and-away the greatest female-fronted punk radio show, nay the greatest punk radio show, nay the greatest anything radio show of all time. Evidence? I’ve been spinning preposterious rarities such as Hagar the Womb, Red Scare, and the Nixe lately. Playlists and links to free downloadable podcasts below:

Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 15: Tough Times

Barb Wire Dolls- Revolution
Plasmatics- You Think You’re Comin’
Gotterflies- Empty
Zellots- Blades
Foreign Legion- Trenchline
Blitz Babies- Gratznog
Morbid Opera- Madness
Even Worse- Illusion Won Again
Vital Disorders- Tough Times
Xero- The Girls
Hippies- Nuclear Disaster
Wunderbach- Les Vieux Riches
The Ankh- Before Success
The Gits- Insecurities
The Applicators- Drive My Car
Family Fodder- Savoir Faire
Total Muzak- Nagonstans I Sta’n
The Goops- Use No Hooks
White Trash Debutantes- Punk Rock Republican
Red Scare- Streetlife
Plan B- NYU
The Reactors- Membrane
Pretty Fury- Orphan
Red # 9- Mary
K.U.K.L- Dismembered
Life Cycle- Piece of Meat
Black Belles- Howl at the Moon
Cub- They Don’t
Banjax- Falling Like Flowers
X-Ray Spex- Obsessed With You
Toxic Waste- Traditionally Yours
The Brat- Leave Me Alone
I Object- The Chosen Profession

Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 16: War and Peace
(The concept episode!)

Hari-Kari- Prey for Peace
Gas- World Peace
Icon A.D.- Fight for Peace
Lucrate Milk- Fucking Pacifist
Fatal Microbes- Violence Grows
Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days
45 Grave- Violent World
The Bags- Violent Girl
Neo Boys- WW2
S.I.B.- The Third World War
The Reactors- World War 4
This Is My Fist- You Sank My Battleship!
Mydolls- Soldiers of a Pure War
Pink Military- War Games
Detente- Holy War
The Rezillos- Cold War
Chin Chin- War
DxCxRx- Warheart
Useless Children- Your War
Vital Disorders- Wargames
ST-37- Unknown Soldier
The Dishrags- Gang War
Danny and the Parkins Sisters- War is on Your Doorstep
Sledgehammer- Paramilitary Recuits
X-Ray Spex- Bloody War
The Nixe- I Love the Cops
Sin 34- Children Shall Not Be Heard
Wartburgs Fur Walter- More More Anymore
One Arm- Brilliant
Verdun- Vivisection
Eyeliners- You’re All Wrong
Amos and Sara- My Pal the Crook
Typhus- Japanese Title
Maps- My Eyes Are Burning
Metadona- Perder el Tiempo
Pink, Plastic and Panties- Protection

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