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Arts Bombast: Science and Fiction

It’s a well-known fact that science and fiction go together like vodka and soda water (brilliantly, that is.) Add art into the mix, and well, I’m there. Done deal. On Thursday evening I attended a show called Science & Fiction at Potrero’s CELLspace. It was put on by the Spacecraft Art Collective, and naturally, featured art related to science, fiction, science-fiction, and space. A fantastic concept, right?

More specifically, the theme was something like, “an artistic dialectic between head and heart,” but as long as I get to see paintings dedicated to the memory of former planet Pluto, and installations of giant space-bears, I’m honestly not paying that much attention.

[Gallery dog FTW!]

Not everything at the exhibition was phenomenal, but hey, it was a solid idea and loads of fun. And I’m not really one to bash on the local arts scene at all. (Actually I totally am… I just can’t with these wonderful and whimsical folks.)

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