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Film Bombast: 13 Questions for Corny of Berlin’s PunkFilmFest

Too Drunk To Watch is a punk rock film fest based in Germany, but with a global perspective. I’m fortunate enough to have some questions answered by Corny, the founder and organizer of the fest, and I’m NOT fortunate enough to travel to Hamburg to actually attend the 2nd round of this awesomeness. But if you can, you ought to. Learn more at punkfilmfest.de.

RAB: First of all, FUCK YES. Who are the people behind this film fest and how was the idea for it conceived?
Corny: Actually I’m the only one behind the filmfest. I had the idea when I attended the Australian film fest at the Moviemento (cinema). I asked myself: Why isn’t there a punk film fest? I’m not sure but it is possible this is the first ever punk film fest.

RAB: Is this an event for the punks, for the public, or for the “Film-with-a-capital-F” community? Are those groups mutually exclusive?
Corny: It is certainly for the punks, but also for everyone who is interested in punk and/or films. I wouldn’t say that I’m a filmnerd, but I like movies, especially watching them in cinemas. Those groups are not mutually exclusive, and I was happy to see a mixed crowed at the cinema.

RAB: How was the first festival- the one put on in May in Berlin- received? Were you guys happy with the overall experience?
Corny: It was attended from more then 500 ppl. And for the first punk film fest it was actually more then I expected.
It almost worked out very fine, just the last movie I wanted to show didn’t reached the cinema in time. We will show it next year. I’m more than happy and I already have booked the cinema for 2013. The second Berlin Punkfilmfest will be held from 9th – 12th May at the Moviemento (Berlin, Kreuzberg).

RAB: Give us the details on the future event- When and where is the Hamburg Punk Film Fest going down?
Corny: The Punkfilmfest Hamburg will be held most probably at the first weekend of November. We will show some new movies. Visit toodrunktowatch.de for the latest infos (in English).

RAB: Speaking of being Too Drunk to ______, the Dead Kennedys are playing in San Francisco (my lovely home!) in a few months. What do you think- is that worth my $30? Should any punk show ever be $30?
Corny: I think the Dead Kennedys are one of the few bands where I will not complain about the ticket price.
I’m organizing some shows in Berlin and I think a show shouldn’t be more than 15 €. On the other hand I can’t understand when somebody is complaining when the ticket price is 5 €.

RAB: For all of the Yankees reading over here, could you describe the current punk scene in Germany? Is it mainly based in Berlin? Is it political? What contemporary German punk bands should I (and everyone) be listening to right now?
Corny: The punk scene is really big, but also divided. There are places where only hardcore, punkrock or streetpunk is playing. I don’t like it, coz I listen to all styles. There is a very political punk scene, but unfortunately also a very unpolitical even right wing scene who claims to play punk. I hate this right wing shit.
You can find punk clubs and bands in the smallest town, but I think Berlin is still the best town for punk.
If you wanna listen to some cool bands try Hausvabot, Cut my Skin, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Pestpocken and Supernichts … there are many more. And look at my label F.A.M.E.D!

RAB: Not to ask a ridiculous question like, “Which film is your favorite?” BUT… Which film is your favorite?
Corny: I had two favourites: “Bloodied but Unbowed” about the punk scene in Vancouver and “Punk in Africa” about the early scene in South Africa and Simbawbe.

[Punk in Africa Trailer]

[Bloodied But Unbowed Trailer]

RAB: Have you seen the movie SLC Punk? If not, watch that shit. If so, I feel like it’s a decent portrayal of living a punk lifestyle when you don’t actually reside in a big “punk” city like LA or NY. Does that experience apply to Germany at all?
Corny: Unfortunately I haven’t seen it, but maybe I show it next time in Berlin.

RAB: I’m particularly interested in women in punk, so I’ll ask- are any of the filmmakers or band members involved women? What do you think they add to this event?
Corny: Bloodied but Unbowed is directed by Susanne Tabata and I think she made an awesome movie. I think the women show a different view on the past and present. I also noted that the crowd at the cinema was 50/50 women/men. Sometimes women are more political, but in the end I don’t care about your gender, I care about your views.

RAB: Race has traditionally been a powerful theme in punk music, and some of the film titles indicate that it is for Too Drunk to Watch as well. Would you agree? And just to be totally offensive- are people in Germany really as uptight about race as everyone says they are?
Corny: I agree totally. I think there are many Germans who a really open-minded and don’t care about races, genders and sexual orientation. On the other hand there also many idiots who are really uptight. I think it is important to fight against these views.

RAB: What are your Top 3 favorite punk albums of all time? GO.
Corny: 1st The Clash – London Calling
2nd Canalterror – Zu spät
3rd Dritte Wahl – Fasching in Bonn

RAB: What’s next for Too Drunk To Watch? Is this going to be an annual thing? Any chance of it coming to the U.S.?
Corny: Actually I wanna tour with the film fest to more towns, but I’m not sure if this is working out. For sure it is going to be an annual thing in Berlin, maybe Hamburg – hopefully more towns.
If I find someone who can support us and organize something in the U.S. I’m more then happy to come the U.S. with the filmfest.

RAB: What’s your alcoholic beverage of choice for watching punk films?
Corny: For a long time it was beer, but for the last two years it is cider!

Holy hell, that guy is awesome. For the complete list of films, see below, or find out more at Too Drunk to Watch. I’m def gonna seek out Punk in Africa. Thank you to Corny for your words and your commitment to global solidarity among the punk community.

2 comments on “Film Bombast: 13 Questions for Corny of Berlin’s PunkFilmFest

  1. Patrick Burns
    August 3, 2012

    I would give anything for a ticket to Hamburg right now!

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