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Arts Bombast: Jenny Holzer

There is something unnerving about Jenny Holzer’s relentlessly public work. You can’t escape it or deny it, because, well, there it is. In the subway, the airport, or Times Square. Some of her “truisms” are sort of weird and cryptic, sure. But my favorite ones are hard-hitting and leave the viewer with little to “decipher.” Just a breif phrase to read and let it seep through the conduits of your mind as you head to work, sit at your desk, and fall asleep at night.

This first one totally haunts me:

For the record, it DID me take a while to be able to step on inert bodies and carry on like it’s no big deal, actually. But now I’m totally great at it.

Holzer is still based in NY and still art-ing bold statements in public spaces, on objects, and for museums. She mainly works with projections these days. Fun fact: In the late ’80s, Holzer mass-produced these incredible condoms with truisms like, “Expiring For Love is Beautiful But Stupid” and “Men Don’t Protect You Anymore” that I wish I had. I’d obviously display ’em in my apartment.

More awesome post-post-modern / neo-conceptual / whatev the fuck ’70s feminist art that I’ve posted about: Linder Sterling and Annegret Soltau and Alexis Hunter.

2 comments on “Arts Bombast: Jenny Holzer

  1. MissSmartass
    July 7, 2012

    I was creating a post about Jenny Holzer and while looking for some pictures of her work, I came across your blog.
    I like it that you post about different artists that inspire you. Going to look around and see if I can find some I don’t know.
    Like this post!

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      July 7, 2012

      Sweet! Def check out Barbara Kruger and Louise Lawle. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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