Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

In the Mood For… Collage

It’s insane how much of my favorite contemporary… stuff to look at (avoiding the word “art” much?) these days is collage. The medium is “bumpin’.” Or “poppin’.” One of the two. Some of my favorite collage pieces at the moment:

[Tyler Axtell]

[Jose Romussi]

[Kylea Borges]

[Jesse Draxler]

[William Crump]

[Julien Pacuad]

[Jesse Draxler]

[Office Supplies, Inc.]

[Victoria Ulrikke Iles]


[Anne Higgie]

I know it’s trendy and kinda frivolous (UNLIKE the fucking amazingness of feminist collage artists like, oh say, Linder Sterling or Barbara Kruger), but whatever, I dig right now. Also: Good job, Beth Hoeckel.

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