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San Francisco: Oakland Art Murmur + Oakland Shows

It’s weird that I still just categorize every Bay Area-related as “San Francisco.” Also, should I be moving to Oakland or something? Anyway, the ‘rents are in town this weekend, so I’ll be avoiding all of these events in favor of awesome Mom + Dad time.

But other people should check out Oakland Art Murmur, which goes down on the first Friday of every month.

^ Fun fact: That is the name of a legit German industrial band from the ’80s. Anyway, drinking + gallery hopping (+ more drinking?) sounds like a lovely way to spend Friday evening if you ask me.

Also on Friday night, Hunx & His Punx is playing a show with Shannon & the Clams at the New Parish in Oakland. Then on Saturday, Suicidal Tendencies (don’t judge me for liking them pls?) is playing a show with Strife at the Metro. Well done, East Bay.

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