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San Francisco: Skate Til U DIE

Skate Till U Die (STUD, if you will) started in 2007 when two (figurative) bros in Richmond wanted to go chill with their 3rd figurative bro in San Jose. I guess they didn’t have cars, so, naturally, they decided right then and there to skateboard from Richmond to San Jose to make it happen. Roughly 19 hours later, they arrived to their destination, probably looking like Gettysburg survivors (and I consider them equally heroic, of course), to hang out with their friend.

If this story isn’t awesome enough for you, just wait, my friends. The two guys continued the tradition, adding what I consider one KEY element to the event. A charitable foundation? No. Well, yes, that too- half of the money raised is going to the Occupy movement this year. But more importantly: Their other love, punk fucking rock. And who doesn’t enjoy a little skate punk from time to time? Here’s the line-up:

Personally, there is a very real chance that if I skateboarded from SF to SJ, I seriously would die. So I’m gonna sit this one out. As for the punk shows, well, I’m on the rez right now, so fuck city noise.

I’ll be back on Sunday for some Bay to Breakers ridiculousness, obvs.

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