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In the Mood For… Record Store Day

Guys, this Saturday is my FAVORITE holiday. Yes, Record Store Day. A day to celebrate the DIY spirit of independent record stores by buying a bunch of rare, limited edition, and obscure music that will make you cooler than your friends.

There are a few cool things on the list this year- Coldplay, Lana Del Ray, Phish… JKJK SORRY. But seriously you’ve got some ESG/Las Kellies, Refused (who I fucking saw live in SF last night, but that’s another story), Watt, PIL, Devo, Pussy Galore, Nobunny, etc, etc. Too bad I don’t have the money$ for it this year.

If you’re not sure where to spend it in San Francisco, check out my tour of SF record stores. I def recommend Rasputin seeing as how they’re the first store to participate in the holiday ever. Amoeba is a safe choice that always has cool shit goin’ on, even though it will be ridiculously crowded. Thrillhouse Recs might be too punk for RSD, I don’t know.

Fuck Christmas, viva Dia de los Discos!

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