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Noisegasm: fIREHOSE

It’s time we talk about Mike Watt, folks. It was gonna happen sooner or later. And this won’t be the last time. Last week le husb and I headed to Slim’s to see ’80s punk.rock.indie.alt.etc outfit fIREHOSE and it was fantastic.

I first heard the Minutemen in high school and it was all over. Since then, I’ve listened to everything he has put out (the man is prolific as fuck) with projects such as Dos, Minuteflag, Banyan, the Missingmen… and of course, fIREHOSE. The band emerged from the ashes of the Minutemen… after d. Boon was killed in ’85, some random dude from Ohio got in touch with Watt and Hurley and convinced them to get back in the game, thus forming fIREHOSE.

Now, I have seen Watt 20+ times from Albuquerque to New York to LA and SF. (This isn’t really a huge accomplishment since he plays dozens of cheap shows in LA every year, but whatever.) I have spoken with him several times. But for some weird reason (alcohol?) I decided last week to have Mike Watt sign my arm in Sharpie. What can I say? Best. Decision. Ever.

Here is “Brave Captain,” and as the description says, “Notice that the morons at MTV have incorrectly identified the band as “Firehouse” at the beginning and end of the video. I HATED it when people confused fIREHOSE, the talented and creative “alternative” band, with the now utterly forgotten, but at the time more commercial, hair-metal-power-ballad band Firehouse.”

Here is Watt in the ’80s:

And here he is todayish:

As you can see, he’s still “flyin’ the flannel.” My favorite thing about this man is that at 54, he is still so involved in the music scene and constantly encouraging new acts. Oh, that and the fact that he shreds on bass, putting guitarists to shame with only 4 strings. Anyway, Watt has a book comin’ out soon. You should probably check it out.

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