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RAAB Radio 49: Drunk and Disorderly

Hello my maggots, here’s another Ribbon Around a Bomb podcast for ya!  The theme for the evening?  BOOZE, in all it’s inhibition-crushing glory.  I’m actually too terrified to listen to this considering how much I drank by the end of it.  Anyway, stream or download the show here, or roll poseur and just read the playlist below.

Do you recognize any of the artists on the list?  Of course you do- because if you choose to listen, you probably already enjoy obscuro ’70s punk.  But if by chance you’re a conventional music listener, and you’re like, “What is all this crap?” may I call to your attention the fact that I played Chumbawamba’s anthem “Tubthumping”?  Never sorry.  And… as much as I hate to be this guy, I can’t resist the cliche Chumbawamba tangent:  “Oh, but did you know… back in the early ’80s, Chumbawamba actually used to be this totally radical anarcho-punk group, staunchly anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, concerned with animal rights and class struggle… blah blah blah.”  NO ONE CARES.

Everything they’ve done since the ’90s on cancels all of that out.  The only thing that still matters were these fucking awesome hair styles they used to have, which also serve as proof of their anarcho-punk roots.  Check it out:

raab chumbawamba [Chumbawamba, early ’80s.]

What we played:

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
Naked Aggression- Don’t Waste My Time
Mydolls- Christmas Day
Beardsley- Summer Holiday
Electric Deads- 30 Years
Whorehouse of Representatives- Blinded by Darkness
Sex Tide– Dead to You
Destroy All Monsters- You’re Gonna Die
Plus Instruments- Freundshaft

The Gits– Another Shot of Whiskey
The No-Talents- Wasted
Peligro Social- Chic@as Alcohol
45 Grave- Partytime
The Shirkers- Drunk and Disorderly
Gymslips- Drink Problem
Horriegas- Mijito Rico Sexy Borracho
Vktms- Teenage Alcholic
White Trash Debutantes- Boys and Booze
Out on Blue Six- Party Mood
The B Girls- Boys Are Drinking
Kas Product- Sober
FUAL- Soft drinks
Wilma and the Wilburs- Chronic Alkie
Chumbawamba- Tubthumping

The Brat- High School
Ruidosa Inmundicia- Nunca Mas
The Bastards- Impossibilities
Lady Sabre- Total Eclipse
Hamburger All-Stars- I Woke Up
Essential Logic- Wake Up
Mogel- Maskiner
Lewd- Magnetic Heart
VS.- Magnetic Heart
Peggy Luxbeurk- Univers
Ultimo Resorte- Hogar, Dulce Hogar (Demo)
The Comes- バカコケ [Japanese Title]
Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days
Kamala & The Karnivores- Bone Bouquet
Family Fodder- Savoir Faire
Cristina- Jungle Love

raab cristina [Cristina, 1980.]

I’ll be back on Radio Valencia tomorrow night and (more or less) every Saturday from 10pm-midnight Pacific time playing more of this kind of bullshit. Tune in here!

One comment on “RAAB Radio 49: Drunk and Disorderly

  1. SiouxsieSuitcase
    January 4, 2014

    Kas Product! 😀

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