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RAAB Radio #46 and #47

“Mondays are my favorite time of year…”

raab penetration
[Pauline Murray]

Sorry I’m not sorry for quoting Fat Mike (one of the worst NOFX songs, IMHO, actually) but: totally necessary. Although I’m still working a part-time job, volunteering, blogging, and grad-school-ing, I recently cut out a big chunk of my work load. Yes, I left my full-time, 9-5, slave-to-the-man/work week position, and that song pretty accurately encapsulates how I’m feeling right about now.

What better opportunity to catch up on Ribbon Around a Bomb podcasts, right? I have two new ones for you to stream or download now at Radio Valencia. Click on Edition 46: Night Prowlers and/or Edition 47: Crazy or Lazy and Lazy and Crazy for incredible classic female-fronted punk. Check the playlists below.

raab fuzzbox

Edition 46:

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
Las Ultrasonicas- El Rock Nacio Conmigo
Fuzzbox- XX Sex
Gymslips- Drink Problem
Flowers- Food
Big in Japan- Society for Cutting Up Men
Mr. Kite- Innocent
Beardsley- Summer Holiday
Hagar the Womb- Dressed to Kill
Even Worse- Emptying the Madhouse
Budget Girls- TInklebee
The Brat- Starry Nights
The Jellies- Jive Baby on a Saturday Night
Vice Squad- Saturday Night Special
Les Calamites- Toutes Les Nuits
Kleenex- Nighttoad
Fastbacks- Only at Night
The Raincoats- Only Loved at Night
Ludus- I Can’t Swim I Have Nightmares
Pink Plastic and Panties- Late Night Lovers
The Bags- Prowlers in the Night
Naked Aggression- In the Night
S.I.B.- No Moon Out Tonight
Neo Boys- Under Control
Mo-Dettes- Norman (He’s No Rebel)
Frightwig- Vagabondage
Martha and the Muffins- This is the Ice Age
The Nuns- Savage
Sofa Head- Invitation to Dinner
Penetration- Future Daze
No Thanks- Horror
Reverse- Greed
Oh-Ok- Person
Marine Girls- Shell Island
Edith Nylon- Waldorf
PRE- So Jazzed
Morbid Opera- Eat the Rich
OXZ- Be Run Down
Mistakes- 16 Pins
Gotterflies- Empty
Icon A.D.- Fight For Peace
Kizza Ping- Den Nya

raab pink plastic
[Pink, Plastic and Panties]

Edition 47:

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
Vs.- Magnetic Hearts
Wartburgs Fur Walter- More More Anymore
Petticoats- Normal
A-Gen-53- Stalingrad-Stumpfsinn
The Maggots- Let’s Get, Let’s Get Tammy Wynette
Vktms- Boys and Booze
Edith Nylon- Hydrostle
The Passions- Bachelor Girls
Accident- Kill the Bee Gees
Lucrate Milk- Kick Your Ass
Platzganst- It’s a Light
Dreamers- Gimme Sun, Boys, Rock ‘n Roll Music
Fastbacks- What to Expect, Dirk’s Car Jam
Jane Aire and the Belvederes- Yankee Wheels
Gymslips- Angel
Mr. Kite- Crazy or Lazy
Funanori- Lazy and Crazy
Honeybane- Girl on the Run
Studebakers- Muscle Girls
The Welders- Debutantes in Bondage
The Raincoats- The Void
The Raindrops- The Kind of Boy You Can’t Forget
Super Heroines- Death on the Elevator
Bella and Me- Help Me Break This Habit
Zona- Boule Quies
Wilma and the Wilburs- The Hole
Penetration- Lover of Outrage
Total Chaoz- Oh Beatrix
Youth in Asia- Blind Reality
Sju Svara Ar- Allt Du Vill
Pin-Offs- Rats
Rubella Ballet- Krak Trak
Alley Cats- Too Much Junk
U.X.A- Immunity
Sex Tide– Never Get to Me
Fifth Column- Necromancy
500 Lg Lihaa- Pallokentallia

raab hagar the womb
[Hagar the Womb]

2 comments on “RAAB Radio #46 and #47

  1. SiouxsieSuitcase
    November 5, 2013

    Who doesn’t love Mondays? 😛

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