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RAAB Radio 39 : Jive Baby on a Saturday Night + 40: Punks, Get Off the Grass

Two NEW Ribbon Around a Bomb radio podcasts, kids. Yes, that’s 4 hours of female-fronted punk. Welcome to your day.

rab girls 2
[Source unknown- anyone have ideas?]

Click the titles to stream or download the podcast, and read the playlists below.

RAAB 39: Jive Baby on a Saturday Night

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
The Jellies- Jive Baby on a Saturday Night
Icon A.D.- Fight for Peace
NJF- Sitting Pretty
Hagar the Womb- What’s Your Flag
The Vaselines- Monsterpussy
The Shirkers- Drunk and Disorderly
Magik Markers- Body Rot
Emily’s Sassy Lime- Not in a Biblical Sense
PRE- Popping Showers
Dagowops- Shortrupp
Honey Bane- Girl on the Run
The Brat- High School
Hans-A-Plast- Rank Xerox
Big in Japan- Suicide a Go Go
The Urge- Babytalk
Naked Aggression- Anthem
Hansje- Automobile
Conflict- Human Cargo
The Bags- Nothing’s Going on in Here
Stef Petticoat & Robert Crash- Schroner Fremdor Mann
The Slits- New Town (live)
Vice Squad- It’s a Sell Out
Kleenex- Ain’t You
Las Ultrasonicas- Vente in mi boca
Even Worse- Emptying the Madness
Triste Fim de Rosilene- O Desvelamento da Verdade
Crass- Berkertex Bribe
Sophie Mol- Meredith
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks- I Woke Up Dreaming
Jane Aire and the Belvederes- Yankee Wheels
Gymslips- Wandering Stars
Algebra Suicide- Little Dead Bodies
Pretty Fury- Orphan
Legal Weapon- No Sorrow
Pink Section- Francine’s List
Tozibabe- Trash
Usch- LTO
S.I.B.- Listless
X-Ray Spex- Let’s Submerge
Secta Suicida Siglo 20- Virginidad Sacudida
Johanna Went- Bad End

rab algebra suicide
[Algebra Suicide]

RAAB 40: Punks, Get Off the Grass

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
Debils- Maso
Edie and the Eggs- Punks Get Off the Grass
Daisy Chain- Zzotto
Daisy Chainsaw- Zebra Head
Putrid Girls- 1234
Sin 34- Nothing Makes Sense

[Danish punk bloc:]
Flere Dode Pensere- Midedad
Gorilla Angreb- Astma
Sort Sol ft. Lydia Lunch- Boy Girl
Lost Kids- Skrid
Asbest- Family Care
Kalashnikov- Odelaeg Og Haerg
Electric Deads- 30 Years

Legal Weapon- Live My Way
Fastbacks- What Will They All Say?
Anti-Scrunti Faction- Resist the Lies
Da!- White Castles
Flirt- Degenerator
Sledgehammer- Paramilitary Recruits
Anti-Corpos- Meia Boca
The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black- Alaska
Conflict- Crawl Away
Gluearms- 365
Skeletal Family- Hands on the Clock
Plastix- Geschlechtsverkehr
Curse- Killer Bees
Learned Helplessness- Vegis
Nomy Lamm- The First Thing You Have to Do
Rakketax- Van Agt
25 Cents- Don’t Deceive Me
Klasse Kriminale- Construito en Italia
A-Gen-53- Lila
Look Blue Go Purple- I Don’t Want You Anyway
Blitzkrieg- Szene
DIRT- Dolls of Destruction
Rutto- Paha, Kuolema
Decadent- Opposition Proposition
Quick Culture- Huhnchens
Ultimo Resorte- Hogar, Dulce Hogar
The Nixe- I’m the Leader
The Disturbers- KZ Syndrome
Androids of Mu- Bored Housewives
The Spurtz- I Won’t
Neo Boys- Never Comes Down
Kenicke- Classy
Chalk Circle- Subversive Pleasure
Bush Tetras- Snakes Crawl

[Edie and the Eggs, ft. Edith Massey and Gina Schock]

3 comments on “RAAB Radio 39 : Jive Baby on a Saturday Night + 40: Punks, Get Off the Grass

  1. TommyTopHat
    June 11, 2013

    Ooh, Skeletal Family!

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      June 11, 2013

      I also thought of you when I played Daisy Chainsaw in #40!

      • TommyTopHat
        June 11, 2013

        Oh my Goth, you played Daisy Chainsaw!!! 😀 Thank you for thinking of me! 😛
        Once school is over, I need to isten to every single one of your podcasts, one after the other. It’ll be epic.

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