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Arts Bombast: Picture This at the SFPL

picture this sfpl mission high
[Mission: Mission High School, ca. 1946.]

Saturday (aka the day that I did ALL the things) I had a chance to visit our fine city’s Public Library. For any bibliophobes out there, the library isn’t just a place to check out books. There, you can research archived photos, magazines, and other documents, attend lectures and film screenings, and enjoy art exhibitions. What I didn’t previously know however, was that in addition to the shows they offer on site, the SFPL also has a selection of online-only exhibitions.

Yesterday, I spent a good hour and half obsessing over exploring their Picture This exhibition, which features photographs from the SHADES Project. Basically, the library collects historic photos from community members through this initiative, and then displays a selection online for the good people of the internet. Some of my favorites:

picture this sfpl ruth
[Western Addition: Ruth, ca. 1942.]

picture this sfpl guadalupe
[Mission: Feast of Virgin of Guadalupe, ca. 1970. The donor’s father opened a tortilla factory on Fillmore Street in 1925. The family still runs Casa Sánchez, a large tortilla chip and salsa business. They seriously do make the BEST tortilla chips and salsa.]

picture this sfpl sisters mission
[Mission: Sisters, 1962.]

picture this sfpl wedding 2
[Mission: Perales-Moreno wedding, ca. 1970]

picture this sfpl birthday
[Sunset: Eighteenth birthday party, 1926.]

picture this sfpl nobu
[Western Addition: Nobu Mihara, 1931.]

picture this sfpl hannukah
[Sunset: Hanukah, ca. 1973. The dress pattern, the curtains, and the painting of the GG Bridge in the background = PERFECTION.]

picture this sfpl mitchells
[Mission: Mitchells Ice Cream founders. The family had a dairy at 29th and Noe Streets from 1851 until 1900. Picture taken in the alley between home and barnyard (511 29th Street), ca. 1890. Um, hi, have you had Mitchell’s ginger-flavored ice cream? I DIE.]

picture this sfpl treat st
[Mission: 1131-1133 Treat Street, ca. 1910. This is one of my favorite blocks in my neighborhood…]

picture this sfpl wedding 1
[Western Addition: House Wedding, 1969. Ugh, I really should have lived through the sixties.]

picture this sfpl st. dominics
[Western Addition: First integrated group of graduates from Saint Dominic’s, 1963.]

For more fun stuff, check out SFPL’s online exhibition, Radically Gay: The Life of Harry Hay, and my favorite photos from National Geographic’s tumblr, FOUND.

3 comments on “Arts Bombast: Picture This at the SFPL

  1. Jay
    May 6, 2013

    I have a flyer for this at my desk, just haven’t gotten down there before it closes. Thanks for this – it’ll spur me to get on the BART this month.

  2. TommyTopHat
    May 6, 2013

    I sometimes wish I was alive in the eighties. 😛 Just so I could go to the Batcave and make deathrocker friends.

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