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RAB Radio #37: Turn On- Tune In- Drop Out

Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio returns with a new podcast of (you guessed it) female-fronted punk rock. Do as Sin 34 instructs, and turn on, tune in, and drop out. Oh, minus the drop out. Unless you REALLY hate that Bow Wow Wow song I play in the second hour. Then, yeah, I guess respect to you. Download or stream the whole 37th Edition now.

rab punk diet
[Ally Playnice]

Suicide Squad- New Kids Army
U.X.A.- U.X.A.
Plasmatics- Butcher Baby
Malaria!- Your Turn to Run
Sin 34- Turn On-Tune In-Drop Out
Stay At Home Mom- Drown the Kids
Nasmak- Neckermann
Anti Scrunti Faction- Writhe Like Worms
Teddy and the Frat Girls- I Owe it to the Girls
Atztussis- Bullen
The Maggots- Let’s Get, Let’s Get, Tammy Wynette
Mood of Defiance- American Love Song
Gymslips- Angels
Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days
Sick Sad World- Selfish
Essential Logic- Wake Up
Avengers- Teenage Rebel
Beyond Pink- 30 Zingo
Penetration- Stone Heroes
LiLiput- Tisko
Trummerfrauen- Gelbkreuz
Softball- The Holy War
The Bags- Violent Girl
Bow Wow Wow- Go Wild in the Country
The Gits- Slaughter of Bruce
Spat- Voices
Thunderboys- Rich Bitch
Bleached- Electric Chair
Total Chaoz- Oh Beatrix
Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Rosa Vertov
Hysteria- Silent Hate
Slant 6- Babydoll
Holly and the Italians- I Wanna Go Home
Fastbacks- Says Who?
Edith Nylon- Herr Monde
Tyranna- Back Off Baby
Flowers- Criminal Waste
Tarzan 5- Boys Game
Gotterflies- Hippie
Mizz Nobody- Smittad
I Object- Teaching Revenge

rab sick sad world
[Sick Sad World- the show from Daria, not the band, but still fantastic.]

rab screaming sneakers
[Screaming Sneakers flyer]

rab bow wow wow
[Annabella of Bow Wow Wow]

2 comments on “RAB Radio #37: Turn On- Tune In- Drop Out

  1. TommyTopHat
    April 11, 2013

    Daria! 😀

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