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Style Ish: Saint Laurent F13

Christ, this is lame. Like, seriously lame. And I don’t EVER post about stuff that’s lame, but who could possibly resist these amazing pictures?

ysl 1

ysl 2

ysl 3

ysl 4

ysl 5

ysl 7

ysl 8

ysl 9

ysl 10

ysl 11

Yep, that’s Kim Gordon, Courtney Love, Ariel Pink, and Marilyn Manson. I don’t know which “model” is the most baffling to find in this ad campaign. Kim has the most integrity (her hands rock my world, btw) but she’s been in the designer fashion game for a long-ass time. Ariel Pink (looking kinda like Jeffrey Lee Pierce, just sayin’) is out of left field, but in a weird way makes more sense than the rest of ’em. Courtney is openly obsessed with being rich, getting plastic surgery, being a sell-out, etc, so that’s no surprise. Marilyn Manson. What the serious fuck is going on there? Even when I was goth in high school that guy was not cool. And then he got fat and even more boring. Whatev though.

If the ads pique your interest in the actual collection, you can check it out here. Who rocks this stuff? Wealthy, skinny 30-somethings looking for “grunge cred” who are too afraid to head to their local thrift store? Does this fashion elite even know (or care) what grunge is, or are they just blindly following the designer’s big-ticket vision of what it is?

I didn’t want to get into a criticism of the actual collection, but I mean, the looks alone are just fine. Nothing that special/edgy. For the price though? Really this looks like Hedi Slimane was asked to create a “rocker girl”-inspired collab for Target. At least McQueen and Gaultier can make punk look lux.

Did I mention this is terrible?

4 comments on “Style Ish: Saint Laurent F13

  1. Orange (a/k/a David)
    April 3, 2013

    I don’t know. I think Marilyn Manson kind of works. He looks a little like a reject from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Still, I’m not sure that makes me any more pro-YSL. Now, the YSL exhibition that made it through here? That worked for me. That was cool!

    Credibility warning: my actual fashion choices are REI and Eddie Bauer.

  2. jhubner73
    April 3, 2013


    Gordon gets a pass. Is Ariel Pink trying for a Cobain look here? I can’t even comment on the other two washed-up hacks.

  3. TommyTopHat
    April 6, 2013

    These photos weirded me out. o.O The pictures are nice, though…black and white is always groovy…but yeah…a bit lame…

    Is it a bad thing that Manson is my guilty pleasure? (I rationalise my listening to him by reminding myself that I know who Peter Murphy and Siouxsie Sioux are. But I still feel a little ashamed whenever I listen to him with an angry Goff pout on my face.)

    I don’t really recognise any of the others, but I’ve heard of Courtney Love. Not sure what to think of her. I like grrl power and all, but Katie Jane Garside is more my thing:

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