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Lit Bombast: Making Waves

It’s been a slow week on Ribbon Around a Bomb, but today, my friends, is the best day ever. I’m finally done with my final papers for Winter quarter of grad school (in fact, I might be posting one of ’em here for my fellow research-nerds!) AND the second edition of Making Waves came out this morning.

making waves

Making Waves is a cross-national fanzine produced to explore the intersections of punk, feminism, and womanhood. It features reviews, interviews, and rad art. I am ridiculously excited that (like Issue 1) the second issue is available for free download, AND it includes a free mix tape download. Oh, and did I mention it covers one of my favorite bands OF ALL TIME? Yep, the lone star state’s very own, Reversible Cords. Uh, not to mention, the Nixe (!) and Pussy Riot.

[Reversible Cords]

Check it out… and, not to jump the gun, but the foxy femmes putting the zine out actually asked me a while back if I would contribute to Issue 3. Obvs x 100. No need to keep an eye for it though, I’ll clearly alert the entire world as loudly as possible when that goes down.

Have a fantastical weekend, and be sure to tune in to Ribbon Around a Bomb on Radio Valencia on Saturday from 10-midnight. After you attend our party at Speakeasy, of course.

One comment on “Lit Bombast: Making Waves

  1. TommyTopHat
    March 30, 2013

    Congratulations! That’s great news. 😀

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