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Noisegasm: The Three Johns

Admittedly, the Three Johns are hit or miss. In fact, I can’t get behind any of the new-wave-pop-bullshit that they put out following ’83. However, I recently rediscovered THIS song, which was one of my favorites in high school, and c’mon, is there anything better?

I thought about it after watching the Punk in Africa documentary. I was like, what was that really amazing song I used to listen to that has something to do with South Africa? OH YES, the Three Johns. Hey, at least they were anti-Thatcher liberals, and AT LEAST they played a show with one of my all-time favorite groups, Hagar the Womb:

three johns

three johns 1

PS- I’m trying to decide who my favorite person named John is. John Peel? Jonathan Richman? My friend Jon Fast? Juan Ponce de Leon??

One comment on “Noisegasm: The Three Johns

  1. soundslikeorange
    March 11, 2013

    John Doe. It’s gotta be John Doe … or not … I’ve just got Exene on the brain.

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