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Arts Bomast: Artsy

Art-lovers: Have you heard of Artsy? I recently signed up and am quickly becoming hooked on this site. It’s a bit like Pinterest (which I’m also obsessed with, btw), but it’s all art, and it allows for more personalized discovery through surprising pathways. Artsy is designed more for collectors than aesthetes, although I’m definitely a member who falls into the latter category.

artsy lynn
[Lynn Hershman Leeson- TV Legs]

Part of why I have Artsy and contemporary art in general on the mind is because today is the first day of NY’s The Armory Show. Artsy covers the event, along with other artists/movements/styles in the form of a totally personalized feed for each user. Discovery is easy (and addictive) with their Browse and Filter features, which allow users to imagine art on their own terms- in regards to formal qualities, art movements, color, subject matter, etc. This complex system of categorization is fueled by the Art Genome Project, which identifies over 1200 different characteristics of art, and sorts and tags works based on these signifiers.

You can “follow” artists and “favorite” certain works of art, which leads to even MORE discovery via Artsy’s Suggested Artists and Related Works features.

Did I mention that the vast majority of their design is open source? Seriously legit.

Some of my favorite works from Artsy, featuring a loose black, white + red theme:

artsy prince
[Richard Prince- Nurse in Hollywood #3, 2004] <– Why yes, of course that is the same artist responsible for this album cover.

meredith danluck
[Meredith Danluck- First to Come, Last to Leave, 2010]

artsy bruce nauman
[Bruce Nauman- Oiled Dead (State), 1975]

artsy klein
[William Klein- Dorothy shooting light from hip, 1962]

artsy wallace burman untitled 129
[Wallace Burman- Untitled #129, 1976]

artsy Lizzi Bougatsos
[Lizzie Bougatsos- Pussy For Rent, 2010] <– This woman is in Gang Gang Dance, btw.

artsy maria freire
[Maria Freire- Cordoba series, 1972]

artsy guzman
[Daniel Guzmán- Masacre Sin Fin, 2008]

artsy maria
[Maria Martinez-Canas- Untitled 007 [TT+PR], 2012]

artsy impeach
[Thomas W. Benton- Impeach Nixon with Honor, 1972]

SRY / NVR SRY for the sponsor-y feel of this post. I swear I’m not gettin’ paid- I’m just hella excited about this.

3 comments on “Arts Bomast: Artsy

  1. lostfunzone
    March 7, 2013

    this looks a great site. thank you for the pointer!

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      March 7, 2013

      Thanks for reading! You should get yr photography up there someday!

      • lostfunzone
        March 8, 2013

        wow, you’re too kind, thanks!

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