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Style Ish: Maiden Nation

“Here, visionary women rule and fresh, new design is the law.”

maiden nation yoko ono 1
[Yoko Ono]

maiden nation gloria steinem pamela hughes
[Gloria Steinem and Pamela Hughes]

Maiden Nation is a new ethical jewelry line featuring designs from Yoko Ono, Gloria Steinem, and Rachel Roy, just to name a few. Their corny-but-noble mission of advocating for peace, imagination and feminism through selling their designs is actually pretty cool compared to, oh, I don’t know, F21’s promotion of sweatshops, bible verses and bad taste. Here are some of the pieces from Maiden Nation’s site:

maiden nation andrea panico
[Andrea Panico- Gears bracelets]

maiden nation angie owen
[Angie Owen- Turquoise Mosaic Cuff.]

maiden nation gloria steinem
[Gloria Steinem- Imagine Being Linked Not Ranked bracelet]

maiden nation julia glassman
[Julia Glassman- Imagine Protection necklace. I love / would totally rock this piece!]

maiden nation makk
[Makk- Friendship bracelet.]

maiden nation sofia ramsey
[Sofia Ramsay- Imagine Joy necklace.]

maiden nation yoko ono
[Yoko Ono- Imagine Peace bracelet.]

Buy shit and learn more here.

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