Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

RAB #28: Love is Shit

Here’s your new soundtrack to being a badass. Download or stream the latest edition of Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio- Edition 28: Love is Shit.

rab girl punks

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
Penetration- Future Daze

[Female-fronted Swedish punk bloc!:]
Total Muzak- Nagonstans I Sta’n
Sju Svara Ar- Pappa
Burning Kitchen- Grabbarna Pa Fagerhult
Mogel- Hall Mig Hart
Dr. Zeke- Vild I Skogen
Kizza Ping- Den Nya
Vacum- Ar Ungdomar Manniskor?

Barb Wire and the Fences- Can’t Take It
X-Ray Spex- Warrior in Woolworths
Tozibabe- Moja Praznina
Shivvers- Teen Line
Sally Skull- Mean Woman
Boxboys- Go Baby Go
Commercials- Simon

Livin’ Sacrifice- Fuck Off
Sofa Head- Invitation to Dinner
Removers- Only a Fool
SIB- Boys
Unwarranted Trust- Honour’s Calling
The Lepers- Flip Out

AlieNation- Palestine
Non Band- Duncan Dancin’
Alternative- Seen Through Tear-Filled Eyes
Questions- Take a Ride

[Depressing pre-teen girl poetry bloc!]
Vivi- Little Girls Don’t Grow Up Hating Their Body; They Grow Up Hating Themselves

The Brat- Attitudes
The Fastbacks- What Will They All Say?
The Rezillos- It Gets Me
Sara Goes Pop- LuLu on the Rocks

[Ridiculous anti-love bloc, including a funk track from ’73 ’cause I do what I want!:]
Amy and the Angels- I Hate Being in Love
Lucrate Milk- I Love You, Fuck Off
Crass- Smother Love
The Dishrags- Love is Shit
Cat Fight- Not in Love
Animals and Men- Bad Lover
The Raincoats- Go Away
The Gymslips- Love’s Not the Answer
Betty Davis- Anti Love Song
Las Ultrasonicas- No Quiero un Novio
Anti-Scrunti Faction- Another Love Song
Teddy and the Frat Girls- I Owe It to the Girls

Violators- The Fugitive

rab livin sacrifice

[Livin’ Sacrifice]

Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio is on every Saturday night from 10pm-midnight on Radio Valencia!

rab penetration

[Pauline Murray of Penetration]

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